Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Egg Salad & Turkey Bacon

I love egg salad and like to make it different ways, it is just one of those versatile dishes. I have added avocado to it pickle relish, onions, yellow mustard, Dijon mustard, and on this day turkey bacon.

My husband and I are the only ones that eat it. The 16 yr old does not eat anything with any type of condiments, if I am using mayonnaise and it's close to him he asks me to move it. It literally makes him gag. My 14 yr old will only eat eggs if it is an omelet, so it was just my husband and I. To tell you the truth that is fine that they will not eat because it's more for me.

To start with I boiled 6 cage free eggs and of course peeled them. I have found that the eggs cut up easier if I add the mayonnaise first as always it's a eye ball thing for me. while I at it might as well just add everything. While I was tending to the eggs I was cooking up the bacon. I just cooked the whole package, the boys would eat what I didn't use.

I always, always add garlic, this is a food group in our house, and it's good for you. Need some pepper, paprika, hey how about some onions in this batch. I love my chopper from Pampered Chef, so let's use that to chop those onions up, again an eye ball thing. My husband views onions as another food group, and can't get enough of them. Now you are probably backing away from the computer thinking wow garlic and onions, these people must have stinky breath.

Once the bacon was done, by and, I just pulled apart small pieces til I thought I had enough. Mix the salad as you add the onions and bacon mix the salad to get an idea if you want more or not. Tasting helps to figure out if you want to add more garlic, pepper, or paprika.

I like to eat egg salad by it self in a bowl, or as a sandwich on Ezekiel bread. This day I opted for some organic greens in my bowl, and topped it off with the egg salad. Yummmm does that look good? It was.

All the ingredients are organic except the turkey bacon.

Do you like egg salad? Do you have a favorite ingredient?

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