Friday, July 12, 2013

What is Real Food?

Mary's Kitchen

What is real food? For everyone it means something different. Some consider real food cooking and baking from scratch, like my fellow blogger and online friend Mary from Back to the Basics and Mary's Kitchen. Sorry Mary, I love cooking and baking from scratch, and love the thought of making my own condiments, but not enough time here.

Sooooo here is my idea of real food, while I do agree with Mary on cooking and baking from scratch, I just want "REAL FOOD." For me that means no GMOs, meat raised naturally and not containing additional hormones or antibiotics. When I can I like to by my meat from local farmers, farms I can go to and see how the animal I am buying is being raised. Talking to the farmer I get answers to my questions in connection with the animal/animals.

When Mary asked to join her in a 7 Day Real Food Challenge, I was not sure what we could do that we have not already done.

GMO Free Worldwide

However I think I can step up my game, by eliminating the few products I do buy that are not "REAL FOOD." As most of you know I have two teen age boys, and it is hard to feed them all non GMO food. My plan to find resources that are cheaper than where I currently get our food which is The Green Polka Box.

Yesterday I met a woman while working VBS, and she told me about a local food co-op. They utilize Azure for there food which is delivered monthly. I went to their web site and was thrilled to find that they had organic turkey bacon. This is a big item in our house which I did not find a replacement for until now.

For the seven day real food challenge I will find ways to replace the few GMO items we have. I will also share what I have eaten in the way of real food, recipes and resources.

Currently there are 8 other bloggers who will take part in the challenge which starts July 21st. If you would like to join us you can go this link for Mary's Kitchen, to let her know you would like to join.

Only bloggers who have their own blog please.


  1. Great post Joyce! I like you "tweaks" to the challenge!

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