Monday, May 13, 2013

May 17 Food Revolution Day

 May 17 is Food Revolution day, here are some suggestions to incorporate into this day.

Set up a table at a local church, health store, gym or any place else you can think of that has alot of traffic. There are brochures available at Institute for Responsible Technology which you can print out, or order. 

While GMOs are a big issue our food suffers other problems as well. People need to be educated on where their meat products are coming from. We need to get to know our local farmers and support them. Visit some local farms in your area, and download the files of questions to ask of various types of farms here.

Consider doing a showing of the documentary Genetic Roulette either at your home, a local library, church, group such as MOPS, hospital staff, local gym, the possibilities are endless.This is a 1 hour and a half documentary covering various truths about GMO/GE foods and the effects it is having on the animals that we eat, and our health. You can rent the documentary here for seven days at $2.99 or purchase the DVD through Amazon for $14.99.

 If you feel an hour and a half is too long you could use one of the power points available. The material used for the power points comes from the documentary Genetic Roulette. There is one which is only 5 minutes and consists of 37 slides, a 20 minute one containing 53 slides, and the last one has 112 slides. There is also a printable version of the text which is located on the slides making it easy to discuss each slide. Look to the right at the power point library for other topics relating to our food.

Host a GMO free feast, you can get some great ideas here for theme parties. Once you decide on a theme you can let your guests know what it is and ask for each to bring a GMO free food or dish. You can turn it into a cooking party by having each guest bring an ingredient for the dish being made.

Don't forget to talk about other ingredients in our food which are harmful.  Aspartame found in all the sugar free products, and they are trying to get to add to many dairy products and not have it labeled. There are numerous additives in foods which many people are unaware of.  High fructose corn syrup is in a numerous varieties of food including, but not limited to bread, sauces, and soda. Not only does high fructose corn syrup cause obesity, but it also is contaminated with mercury.
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How about involving the kiddos on this day by planting some GMO free foods. Studies have shown that even children who do not normally eat vegetables are more likely to eat what they have grown. Even if you do not have any kiddos to plant a garden with this is a great way to celebrate Food Revolution Day. If you have no room for a garden see if you can use some land, at a church, or community center for a community garden. 

Get printable goods from Food Revolution.

Like GMO Free Worldwide and learn more about our food and other world wide events.

How will you celebrate Food Revolution Day?


  1. Great suggestions! I'm cooking for Food Revolution Day and blogging to spread the word!

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