Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Making Sure It's Organic

When I stopped buying GMO junk and starting eating food, I wanted to make sure it was indeed food. Once again I am going to say that organic food should not be labeled as such as it is food the way I remember it growing up. But considering this is what has been done here is what I do to make sure that what I am buying is indeed organic.

I have been buying our food online from the Green Polka Box, Abe's Market, Lucky Vitamins, and Nature's Path. When I first started I visited the web site of every company whose product/products I was interested in. I looked for the USDA organic label, and the Non-GMO project verified I prefer to see both of these, but that was not always the case.  From there I looked to see if they told me where their product was coming from. How the product is processed is also important to me, so I also looked for that. Then I found some canned fruit, and beans, my concern here was not just the previously mentioned factors, but also are the cans BPA free. One company had it on their site, the other one I actually called them to find out.

It is actually very interesting to read about the various companies, who started them, why they did. It is also interesting to note that the majority of the companies I have looked at and purchase products from grow what they sell. I read an article on Natural News about being careful when purchasing organic food from China that it may not actually be organic. This confused me because of what I learned doing my research, but then I thought about stores like Whole Foods, and thought I bet that is where the China imports are located.

I did find some companies that did not give me enough information, and therefore passed on purchasing their product. The USDA organic label is not enough for me I want to know more about the food my family and I are eating.

When buying a product labeled organic be sure to check out company web sites, to be sure your food is indeed organic, food.

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