Thursday, May 10, 2012

Giveaway Starts Tomorrow!

Photo credit; Hybrid Rasta Mama
I am so excited, and hope all my beautiful friends will be as well. I recently discovered coconut oil and all of its great benefits. After posting my blog on stretch marks I asked a fellow blogger to do a guest blog. Remember how I mentioned certain foods to aid in skin elasticity? Well this is one of them, and my guest has spent ten years perfecting her recipes. The guest blogger for tomorrow is, drum roll please, Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Mama. Jennifer blogs about natural living, holistic healing, parenting, real food, and Waldorf education/parenting.

Stop by Hybrid Rasta Mama and read about the ebook being given away, BUT!!! Do not sign up for anything until her blog posts tomorrow, because that is how you could win the ebook and 1 quart jar of coconut oil.

I have in front of me right now Jennifer's book, "Coconut Oil For Your Skin - Nourishing Your Body From The Outside In." The book contains various recipes using coconut oil, for beauty and more.  I feel blessed that Jennifer allowed me a copy to review before the giveaway.

There is a recipe in there for stretch marks, make up remover, skin scrubs, and so much more. She has even included a chart for the essential oils used in some of the recipes with both their physical and emotional healing properties. You will also learn how to properly store the recipes you create.

Jennifer also talks about carrier oils and butter, essential oils, and includes a section on ingredient notes. In the ingredient notes she gives more information on the different products being used to make the recipes, and what you should expect. The storing section is important for learning what to look for when purchases storage containers.

Now it is time for the good stuff, the recipes!!! There are 40 recipes in this little gem, and Jennifer has made sure that all the ingredients are easily accessible, and the process not so time consuming. Plus you can also customize them by using different essential oils for fragrance. Just think all natural products for beauty, and no checking those bottles to see what is in them.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Jennifer's blog, and the give away. Tell your friends, to stop by too.

Do you use coconut oil?

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