Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cathe Friedrich for Home Use

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I love, love Cathe' Friedrich, she has an excellent personality, loves to laugh and joke, her cures are great, and she always gives tips for modifying. I must say I do have a problem with some of her step videos, but that is just me. I also love the fact that her DVDs are so vast from step to kick boxing, and everything in between. She keeps up with all the latest fitness moves, and always has something new coming out.

Photo credit: Cathe' Friedrich
Photo credit: Cathe'Friedrich
My favorite Cathe' work outs, that I have, are Ab Hits, and Circuit Blast. Ab Hits is a series of ab exercises which includes seven different work outs from seven of Cathe's other work outs. I usually do two in a row because I developed a love for planks, thanks to Cathe, and get to incorporate those as well. Numbers five and six are shorter, so I do the last three all together. I purchased Circuit Blast when I knew I needed to give my body that shock I blogged about. Well I tell what this was definitely a body shocker, there is still one move I struggle with, but that is good it gives me something to work for. Circuit Blast consists of six rounds, each round contains four parts, cardio, cardio/legs, compound exercise, and core work. There is a variety of equipment needed for this work out, step, 3 or 5 lb weights, a 15 lb weight is used as well, resistance band, and medicine ball.

Photo credit: Amazon
There are a variety of resistance bands available, which is for another blog, but the one that Cathe' uses in this DVD, along with others, The ones pictured here are the type of resistance band being used, it is important to have due to the fire walkers. Fire walkers, for those who do not know, are where you tie the band around your ankles leaving enough band to pull up, and walk to the side, and to the other side. You can really feel this in your inner thighs, at first it seems like a joke to do until you do a few.

What else I love about Cathe', her newsletter is awesome, always filled with interesting articles on various health topics, plus. Once or twice a year she visits a state and holds a work out program that you can attend. Her site is easy to navigate, with previews of all DVDs located right there, apps, forums, digital downloads,  work out manager, and more. There is so much more, but you can check out Cathe's site to see for your self.

Ab Hits can be used by any level of exerciser however it says intermediate/advanced, but Circuit Blast is by far for those who are advanced.Okay, so I go to Cathe's site and find that the Ab Hits DVD has twelve work outs. I have the video, so guess what I'm getting the DVD for $14.97, currently on sale, whoot!!

Do you do Cathe's work outs? Which one is your favorite?

 I could not resist coming back to post this video of Cathe' on her Chicago road trip, my home town and could not go, but I will.

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