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Silver Fillings/Amalgam

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Silver fillings, amalgam, or mercury, it is all the same, but the FDA and ADA do not want the public to know the truth. Many individuals are being misdiagnosed, as was my husband, he was told he had recurring Mono along with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It was not until the night we heard a comedian describing his symptoms from mercury poisoning that he knew what was wrong.

He told his doctor about some symptoms he was having which were not acquainted with Mono, the doctor responded by telling him they would go away once the Mono did. This is when we started to lose faith in doctors, and God lead us to research mercury poisoning. The FDA and ADA know the hazards, but due to American greed will not say anything, and the dentists are not allowed to talk about it either. The only mercury poisoning recognized within the United States is that from fish.

My husband found a dentist, who him self dealt with mercury poisoning, and had all of his silver fillings removed and replaced. It was then that my husband started to regain his health after six months of misdiagnoses. He also had to quit working due to lose of energy, but the company let him go because he was gone so long.

Through a friend of his who owns a natural health store in West Tennessee he learned about detoxing. He paid for the process for a while before searching on Ebay and finding a home system, ion cleanse. It has been two years since he had the fillings removed and is doing better, he continues to use the ion cleanse.

A friend of his back in West Tennessee has also been dealing with mercury poisoning, just went back to work after two years. She shared a link with us from which contains footage from a DVD on this important topic. It will only be available until Tuesday April 10, 2012, while it is lengthy I suggest watching it, buying a copy, and letting others know.

If for some reason the link does not work go to the web site and search for, "The Hidden Trigger to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's That 75% of People Carry." You can also watch a preview here, but there is not as much as on the other site.
It is also being connected to Autism.

Some symptoms include, but are not limited to.

Irritable Bowl Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue



Learning Disabilities

Panic Attacks




Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Toxicity

Do You Have Mercury Poisoning?

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