Friday, April 27, 2012

More About Mercury Fillings

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I want to talk more about silver fillings because if you have them I want you to know what to do, and if you already have symptoms I am going to help with that as well.

One of the first my husband did after realizing that he had mercury poisoning from his fillings was to check the teeth that were filled. He examined them for any cracks, while this allows more mercury into your system just every day normal drinking and eating activity to release the mercury from your teeth into your system. You can view the video on the videos page entitled "Smoking Teeth."

My husband than went to our dentist to have one tooth removed which he felt was the worst, the dentist said there was nothing wrong with the tooth and would not pull it. Through his good friend Karen the owner of Natural Affects in Jackson Tennessee told him about a dentist who could help him. Karen is very educated in what she does and the store is her ministry which she uses to help others. She also started him detoxing at her store, this is one of the best ways to remove mercury from your system. He was also told to start taking the following, Chlorella, Trace Mineral Maintenance, and Vitamin D.

He went to the dentist who also dealt with mercury poisoning, and had all of the silver fillings removed and replaced. You need to find a holistic dentist to perform this procedure in order to make sure it is done right. I have placed a video on the video page entitled, "Safe Mercury Amalga Removal," you can Google holistic dentists in your state which will pull up results or if you have a health store nearby that you trust ask there. Also note that many personally owned health stores do detoxing on the premises, my husband paid $25 for a session. While it takes time to work, my husband was healthier after about a year.

You can also purchase a detoxer on Ebay for about $110, we paid $130 which included two extra arrays. The foot bath machine pictured is currently selling on Ebay for $100 used however, I used this picture because it similar to the one we have. Also be aware that this is not for everyone, if you have the following you should not use it.

Battery/electrical powered devices such as a pacemaker.

If you have had an organ transplant

If you are pregnant or currently nursing

Suffer from heart disease

Suffer from epileptic seizures


Hypoglycemic users should eat and check levels before use.

If you have open wounds or damaged skin on your feet or any part that would be submerged into the water.

I also want you to be aware that Chlorella is a natural detoxifier and cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and in some cases has caused sever vomiting. The product we use says to take 3, 400 mg, three times a day however, I just started taking it my self and currently take one a day. You need to eat before you take this, and while I heard that it is not effective unless the proper dosage is taken I believe it is working due to a change in bowel movements.

To learn more about Chlorella, read the free online book.

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