Friday, March 9, 2012

Lose Ten Pounds in a Week!!

How many times have you seen or heard this? If you answered all the time, that is because you are losing water weight. It is not uncommon to change your eating habits, start working out on a regular basis and lose ten pounds in a week. Don't fall for programs which state this, because you don't need any program to lose ten pounds in a week.

The only weight lose program I would endorse is Weight Watchers, why? Because Weight Watchers shows you how to change your eating habits, the others are temporary fixes and most likely will just lead to gaining the weight back after the required time is up. What needs to happen is you need to change your mind set about food.

Food for our bodies is like gas for a car, we need it to go. What happens if you don't drive your vehicle? The gas just sits there, it is the same thing with food. If you put food into your body and have no or limited physical activity the food just sits there, for woman this means usually in the hips, buttocks and/or thighs. So, then why eat that piece of cake at 8:00 pm if you are going to just go to bed in a couple of hours?

We also need to keep in mind that the calories we take in need to meet with our daily activity. If I am just sitting here blogging all day, why do I need to eat three nice size meals a day? I don't I am not exerting enough energy to burn the fuel I have put into my body. While many woman feel that by going up and down the stairs three times or more a day along with chasing after children is considered exercise it is not if your calorie intake exceeds the amount of work your body is doing.

Some things you can do quickly to burn calories, every once in a while break into some jumping jacks or take a brisk walk. I did jumping jacks when I did college online, don't worry if you can only do a few. First off something is better than nothing and secondly, before you know it the ten that were so hard to do will turn into fifty at a breeze.

Please feel free to post or email me any questions you may have. I have been where most of you are at one time and desire to help by providing you with information I have learned over the years, until next time all my beautiful friends.


  1. would love to guest post for ya sometime! def enjoying this site!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by would love to have you as a guest blogger.