Monday, March 5, 2012

Change the Chips

Photo credit: Snack Factory
Every once in a while I get the craving for chips, I mentioned this before and about grabbing a handful and move on. Well, I did one better I changed the chips, I discovered Pretzel Crisp. One of my favorite snacks is Pretzel Crisps with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus or Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb light cheese.

Totally healthy snack, there are 110 calories in 10-11 chips and ZERO FAT!!! Gotta love that, the Laughing Cow cheese has 35 calories per wedge with 10 calories of fat, for cheese this is excellent. The hummus contains 70 calories and 50 calories of fat in 2 Tbs. Over all this is a great healthy snack if you limit your self to the one serving size.

I buy mine at Sam's Club and the only flavor they carry is the original however, there are five other flavors to chose from. Keep in mind if you choose a flavored pretzel you will also be getting calories from fat, except for the everything.

Photo credit: Snack Factory.
I recently listened to a speaker discuss ingredients in foods. She stated something that made total sense to me, the first ingredient should be whatever it is stated, for instance chicken noodle soups first ingredient should be chicken. There should also be no more than four ingredients and if you can't pronounce it, odds are you should not eat it. Which is another reason Pretzel Crisps are a great snack ingredients include:wheat flour, sugar, salt and malt syrup. I don't know why maybe some of you do, but they listed the fact that the product is made in a facility where milk and soy are processed.

You can visit their web site to find out where to buy them along with learning more about the health benefits along with recipes.  Be sure to check out the pretzel pairings for more recipes and on Pinterest for dipping ideas.

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