Thursday, February 23, 2012


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So, yesterday I was talking to my Mary Kay consultant and because she is into fitness we started talking about various topics geared towards fitness. During our conversation we came upon the topic of scales, to weigh or not to weigh? That was the question, I quickly confessed I am a scale hopper, I weigh my self every single day.

I hear it all the time, you don't need to weigh your self just go by how your clothes fit. Sorry, if I did that I would be popping out of them before I knew it. My consultant said something that I had never thought of before yet it is true. The scale should be used as a way of making sure you are at the weight you feel best at not a number you want to get to. Wow!! What a revelation, yes I use the scale to make sure I am on track, at the weight were I feel the most comfortable not some unrealistic number I could probably never achieve.

Both my consultant and I know at what weight we feel good, healthy and full of energy.  So, we use the scale to make sure we are within that range and if not know that either less calories have to be taken in or more cardo is in order. If you know the weight you feel the healthiest and are not there, make that your goal. If you are not sure, set a realistic goal for your self and see how you feel. You can always adjust the numbers as you go along.

I recently found Bex Life on YouTube and absolutely love her "You Have 4 Minutes" series. I found this video and will be following along with Bex later today. What I want you to do is turn off the sound the first time you watch and guess how much she weighs. Then watch it again as Bex shares about her weight. The point of doing this is to give you a realistic view of numbers and how we over rate them.

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