Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Photo Credit: Taste of Home Southwest Chicken Salad
Love salads, but they can be unhealthy if you are not careful. Most of the time I do not even use dressing, I have so much flavor contained in my salad, I don't need it.

My salad will always contain the following: chicken (not fried), cheese (a must), black olives, cucumbers, tomatoes and pickles if I am at Subway. While the cheese is not the healthiest decision it is one item I will not do without. Every one has certain foods they just don't want to let go of, but what matters is that you eat them in moderation and/or not often. I also love the southwest chicken salad from Sonic, but since relocating I have noticed it is not on the menu here, stinks.
Salad dressings pack a lot of calories and some fat along with those calories. I like Chick Fa La's chicken wraps and get the fat free dressing to dip it in. The fat free dressing does have a thinner texture as well a different taste. However, I have found that after eating it for a time you get used to it. If dressing is your vice I suggest not putting it on your salad, but in a bowl on the side and dipping into it. By doing this you will be able to reduce some of the fat and calorie intake.

Another item I tend to stay away from are the deli meats. I have noticed that my body does not like these and stick to rotisserie style meats which are usually chicken and turkey. Yes, I do stray sometimes, but not often it is not worth it for all the work I have to do to look and feel the way I want.

Salads are also a great way to curb a hungry appetite. We have all been to that point where we are just so hungry and want everything and anything. First start with a small salad, not to much just enough to fill that void and curb the hunger monster. Once you have done this you can than make a clearer and healthier decision about what you want to eat.

OK, one more thing, as I was searching for an image I came across a number of sites geared towards healthy salads. I just want to say sorry, but I do not think that bacon is a healthy choice. Some of the salads which were deemed healthy were over 500 CALORIES!!!! Ekk!!! So, I found the image at one of my favorite places to go for recipes, Taste of Home and this one is under 200 calories. Like I said at the beginning salads can be unhealthy, be alert my beautiful friends.

So, what ingrediant on your salad can you not do without?
Have you found healthier items to substitute for unhealthier ones?

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