Friday, June 13, 2014

Free Health Conference

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Going through my emails this morning one email caught my attention. It came from The Institute for Responsible Technology which is an organization founded by Jeffrey Smith a man whose goal is to get rid of GMOs (genetically mutated organisms.) The email's subject was "FREE Real Truth about Health Conference Replay," being all about natural living, the right to know, and good health I had to check it out.

This free health conference includes twelve leading experts with seventeen talks. The majority of the speakers are talking about the ways various foods effect our health. Jeffrey Smith will be talking about GMOs for those who don't know about them this is the video you should start with. Once you request the conference you will receive an email with a link and password. Then just go to the January 2014 Conference tab on the site and select which video you would like to watch.

Learn from top health experts and discover what they have to say about achieving optimal health and preventing Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Stroke, Arthritis , Autism, Asthma, COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Inflammatory Bowl Disease, Liver Disease, Osteoporosis, Chronic Kidney Disease, Acid Reflux, Gerd, Depression and other health challenges. 

I watched the first speaker Elizabeth Grossman author of Chasing Molecules: Poisonous Products, Human Health, and the Promise of Green Chemistry . She spoke about all the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, and how they effect our health. I was amazed to hear that man made chemicals like those in plastic go air borne. They are in our air, house dust, and in our bodies. Babies who have not lived long enough to be physically exposed to these chemicals have it in their systems. This proves that these chemicals have been transferred from the mother to the baby.

She also talked about how important it is for us to be aware of what is going on in our environment. There are many web sites, and other resources where we can obtain information, but she suggested two web sites that she has found accredited, Environmental Health Perspectives, which is a government web site. I don't wonder if that is the right web site, but this one Environmental Health News, looks good and I subscribed.

You too can watch this video and the others for free by clicking on  this link, no strings attached just knowledge.

Here are some of the important health topics you’ll learn about…
  • Jeffrey Smith about genetically modified foods, what you don’t know and what is being kept from you.
  • Hans Diehl about the state of disease today and the way different types of diets were effecting our health.
  • Anna Marie Clement about what she has learned during her 40 plus years of studying womans health and how different diets affect a womans state of health.
  • Dr. Brian Clement about the role a raw whole food plant based diet has on our health compared to mainsteam diets and what he has learned about diet and disease over the last 50 years at The Hippocrates Health Instittue.
  • Cherie Soria and Dan Ladderman about how a raw whole food plant based diet can dramatically affect our health compared to a typical American diet.
  • Devra Davis surprising information about cell phone radiation and safety and what the studies have shown.
  • Steve Meyerowitz about the shocking benefits of sprouts that can easily be added to your diet.
  • Joe Keon about what the studies across the world show regarding dairy foods and bone health.
  • Elizabeth Grossman about how chemicals are spreading to all corners of the planet and into food, water, soil, air, consumer products and even seals in Antartica.
  • Michael Greger about what the top health, nutrition and scientific journals really have to say about which foods support your health and which don’t.
  • Richard Oppenlander about what affect eating animal products is having on climate change, deforestation, water shortages and overall resource depletion and environmental degradation.
Below is an hour or so long video I found on YouTube with Elizabeth Grossman.


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