Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Divine Salad With a Lesson

The uncooked apple kugel I made for Passover, once cooked it was gone
We celebrated Passover, and now are into our fourth day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. A lot of believers do not feel the feasts were meant for us, but I don't feel that way and others I know feel the same way. So, what does this have to do with a salad? It is the way I obtained one of the ingredients.

I called a local farm I have done business with at the farmer's market to obtain some lamb for Passover. There no answer, I left a message and two days later still did not hear back. They have a farm with goats, lambs, and cows, so I'm sure they are busy. I called back again with the same results, I know they are busy, but we are talking money here. Not only that, but if I couldn't get the lamb from them, someone else was going to Sam's Club to buy it NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I had to get that lamb from this farm, there was no where else.

Finally I decided to email them, and that night he called me back. Now Passover was Monday, I had to pick it up Saturday at the market, and it was Friday, talk about cutting things close. He explained to me that email or texting was the best way to reach them, well this girl don't text. I went Saturday to pick up my lamb roast for Passover, and purchased some ground goat as well. His wife was very apologetic, and thanked me for my patience, then proceeded to hand me some of her homemade feta cheese for FREE!

The other day while at the store I saw some sun dried tomatoes with capers!!! Love capers, but I passed, then went back and bought it along with a mix of organic greens prepackaged.  My mouth watered at the thought of those beautiful greens, sun dried tomatoes together in my bowl. Then the thought hit me, the CHEESE! Oh this is going to be good.

The tomatoes soaked with the capers and olive oil tasted divine. I didn't ruin that wonderful taste with anything the olive oil coated my greens nicely, and the feta cheese added that right touch and texture, to make it truly a divine salad.

Lesson patience is truly a virtue, and might even get you some free cheese.

Any other believers observing the feast of unleavened bread? How 'bout Passover?


  1. I have never eaten lamb - supposedly I am allergic to eat according to tests. But this sounds great especially with the greens and sun dried tomatoes. Hope your family has a wonderful feast. Have a wonderful and healthy Easter!

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