Thursday, February 6, 2014

Real Food Fridays #24 Link Up

If your ingredients do not have the following labels on it, or the ingredients are not listed as organic, filtered water, or cane sugar, you are using genetically mutant ingredients, sorry to burst your bubble.

However, if you list your ingredients as just sugar, pepper, flour that is exceptable.  Images that include non-organic brands will be deleted. That means if you have a picture of what you used, and I see Kraft, McCormick, etc the post will be deleted.

The purpose of this link up is to help others change from genetically mutant foods to real foods. If you are not eating organic, you are consuming GMOs that are void of vitamins and minerals.

It’s Your Life

Your hosts are Mary from Back to the Basics, and Mary's Kitchen along with Joyce from It's Your Life.

                     Your co-hosts are

I love that we are growing, and thanks to those who post every week.

Sorry there are no features at this time, got busy and forgot, working on it though.Okay I have my features, but it was tough you bloggers are awesome!!!

From Raia's Recipes, Sweet Potato Cookies, loving all the desserts using sweet potatoes.

In our house garlic is a food group, and offers health benefits including probiotics when it is fermented. Learn how to ferment garlic in this interview with Learning and Yearning from Healthy Whole Mom.

As I said above garlic is a food group in our house, but we also love hummus, and mayonnaise and Buffalo Chicken Chickpea Salad has all three from Sumptuous Spoonful.

We also love seafood, and have some cod in the freezer, so trying the Cod in Thai Curry Sauce from Prudent Living on the Home Front.

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  1. Happy Real Food Friday! Valentine's Day is right around the corner so I thought I'd share a post discussing everyone's favorite, chocolate! Sadly most of us have never tasted REAL cocoa from wild indigenous cacao. It not only tastes better but its better for the environment and healthier. Thank you for hosting!

    1. The chips I use are caco, and we love them, thanks for joining us!

  2. Thanks for featuring my Sweet Potato Cookies! :)

  3. Thanks for hosting! I have two posts to share this week... the first post I feel a little awkward about... since it's not my usual blog-hop fare, but since Real Food Fridays featured my post explaining why my daughter will NOT be selling Girl Scout Cookies (hint--they are full of GMOs) I thought I would share my follow-up article as well -- The Girl Scout's Response...

    My second article Pepperup Potion -- for colds and flu!

    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Christine @ Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

    1. I'm glad you did Christine, it is totally on topic. I hope many will read it, and learn from you, after all that is what it is all about, educating others.

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my Cod in Thai Curry Sauce! It's such a good recipe and really quick to make! Thanks for hosting too!

    1. Another one I can't wait to try, and I get to use coconut milk!

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