Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Three for One

I picked up some grass fed beef for stew from the local farmer's market, and put it in the crock pot with some Sno Pac veggies, and my favorite Simply Organic seasonings. When it was done my husband and I ate it as soup. It was sooooo good, but my youngest does not like soup. That's okay not a problem I had my soup.

The youngest loves anything with noodles, he thinks he's Italian. So, I drained some of the broth, thickened up the broth that was left, and mixed it up with some noodles.

I love gravy, and took the rest of the broth, and slowly added flour until I had the consistency I wanted.

I took some Shelton turkey burgers, and topped them with the gravy, and onions. I love using one main dish to make more than one, and nothing goes to waste.

                                                               Waste not want not.


  1. Nice you were able to not waste a bit! I have never yet eaten grass fed beef but certainly hope to one day!

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  4. Good for you. My youngest is not a big fan of soup either. I usually just make her endure it for just one day...lol. We mostly just eat leftovers. I'm not real good at making new things from the leftovers.
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