Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Change in the Spice Cabinet

When we changed our food, we also changed our spices. I don't know what is in the big brand spices in the local food stores. Nor do I know how they are grown, are their pesticides? Don't know, but taking no chances.

I found Simply Organic, I love the size and don't those glass jars look nice? The bag on the left is minced garlic from Mountain Rose Herbs. You also see a blue bag which contains our trace mineral filled pink sea salt. Then on the far right is our spice mixes, chili, taco, onion dip, and other dips. Yes, that is a mason jar on the right in back which contains turmeric, also from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Changing the spices took the longest, I replaced one or two each month. There are still a few more to go, but we have all the basics we use on a regular basis. So, when switching to real food, don't forget the spice cabinet. Man I love those glass jars, and love that my spice cabinet looks more unified now.


  1. Hi Joyce,
    Your spice shelf looks great. I love the glass jars, too, and am collecting a few at a time whenever I visit a certain store.
    Have a great evening.

  2. It does look great. Have you noticed a difference in taste?


  3. Be sure to check your local health / organic food store's bulk section. I can buy spices in bulk much cheaper than those pre-bottled spices that way. Just re-use the glass bottles to keep them tidy.

  4. Those are very cute jars! Just like with anything, gradually switching over is easiest! Thanks for sharing at the hop. :)