Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Food Revolution Summit FREE Webcast

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This free online summit will be broadcast world wide from Saturday April 27, 2013 through Sunday May 5, 2013.

So, just what is the "Food Revolution Summit?" It is a teleconference utilizing webcast. There will be 24 speakers speaking about various aspects of health and food.  If you miss a webcast you will be able to still view it for free for 24 hours, or you can purchase various packages.

The up point to attending live if you can is that you will be able to ask questions of the speakers.

While so many of us already know about GMOs you never know if you will here something you didn't know before. Each day appears to have a theme.

April 27 Crazy Sexy Healthy Food
April 28 Is Your Food Safe?
April 29 Healthy Plate, Happy Planet
April 30 Feeding Compassion
May 1 What Should You Eat, Really?
May 2 Food Wisdom That Heals
May 3 Transforming Our Food Culture
May 4 The Spiritual Buffet and the Soul Gourmet
May 5 Special Edition John and Ocean Robbins Igniting a Food Revolution

There will be three speakers each day and each summit starts at 8:00 am PDT and ends at 10:00 am PDT.

For more information on the summit visit The Food Revolution Summit web site. You will find biographies on all the speakers, information on purchasing, and more. Be sure to check out the About Us page for a chilling fact about who John Robbins really is/was.

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