Friday, July 8, 2016

Vaccines, Good or Bad?

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Aimee Gardiner ~ Director of Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations #NOHPVmandateRI

Aimee is from southern RI with two children. Living life preferring organic foods and natural remedies to support the healthy life of her family. A little over a year ago Aimee began sharing information and becoming an activist. Now today is a leader in fighting the HPV vaccine mandate and advocating for informed consent in RI.

Aimee's Blog

Sign the petition to change the Rhode Island mandate.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a world-renowned gastrointestinal surgeon and researcher. 

He has a strong interest in vaccine safety, and his studies led him (and many other researchers) to believe that there were problems with the three-combo vaccine of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). He was accused of fraud and fabricating studies that show a link between the MMR vaccine and bowel disease, present in many children with autism.

Dr. Wakefield’s research regarding the MMR vaccine and its link to bowel disease and autism was originally published in the Lancet.  A journalist, Brian Deer, published an article in the British Medical Journal criticizing Dr. Wakefield and accusing him of fraud. As a result, the study in the Lancet was retracted. Dr. Wakefield, and one of the co-authors of the retracted article, Prof. John Walker-Smith, were barred from practicing medicine by the United Kingdom’s General Medical Council regulatory board.

What you will not read in the mainstream media, however, is that both the BMJ and Lancet have strong financial ties to the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine, Merck.

Dr. Wakefield is the author of two books, “Callous Disregard,Autism and Vaccines – The Truth Behind a Tragedy” and “Waging War on theAutistic Child.” He also directed, produced, and wrote the documentary Vaxxed. 

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  1. Follow the RI fight against the mandate of the HPV vaccine and advocating for informed consent on Twitter

  2. Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Vaccines contain so many harmful ingredients - mercury being one. It is sad how vaccines a child gets this days and then they wonder why Autism, ADHD, and many other conditions are on the rise. Sharing

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  4. Thanks so much for posting these! We could not afford to go. I was flipping channels like crazy yesterday, but there was very little coverage. It means a lot to me to get to see it. We were there in spirit.So if you want more info about baby vaccination schedule then see - howtly for more info.