Friday, July 29, 2016

Clearing Mental Conditioning

Join me tonight Friday July 29, 2016 for my live podcast via Wolf Spirit Radio from 6 pm - 8 pm central. If you can't make that's alright our podcasts can be found on the website or YouTube. Don't miss a show subscribe to our newsletter through the website and get notified of the weekly guest and more and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

My guest on the podcast tonight is Natalia Turapina.

                          Natalia Turapina 

Natalia was born in a little village nestled in a vast forest near Siberia, Russia. She left her home at the age of twenty in order to discover the important purpose that compelled her since her childhood. She pursued her career as a successful singer, traveling to many places throughout the world.  Then only three years into her journey she was faced with a devastating illness. During the next seven years she struggled physically and emotionally, enduring countless and unsuccessful traditional medical treatments. With an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, Natalia left her singing career and embarked on a quest to overcome her condition. She finally found hope in holistic healing.  

 Her illness was cured. And even more importantly she found a whole new world of deep inner spiritual transformation and connections to the higher realms. While she was looking for healing, her true purpose had found her in the most Divine way. Natalia had become a student of metaphysical and esoteric arts. She has studied several different healing modalities and has earned various Certifications in alternative healing.

Today Natalia is a spiritual teacher, an intuitive reader, a crystal healer, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, a transformational retreat facilitator, an alchemist and a writer. Natalia offers intuitive readings, distant and in person crystal healing sessions, nutritional consultations and creates her own high vibrational products.

                                                  Visit Natalia at her website or on Facebook.

                    Topics to be Discussed

  • Clearing mental Conditioning & Collective Unconcsienceness 
  • Releasing the Ancestral Pattern
  • Resolving Karmatic Contracts & Ties
  • Crystal Healing
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