Friday, May 13, 2016

Hey Where Are You?

That's what I'm thinking where am I. For 9 years I have been blogging and it seems these days there just isn't time. The main reason is that I am a natural living researcher and it takes me hours to do adequate research and write a post.

Where I am

Heavenly Bodies Organic Skin Care

Currently I am busy promoting my organic skin care products "Heavenly Bodies." We now have 4 products and we are busy getting them out so others can enjoy them and reap their benefits as we have. Last weekend we were in New Orleans at the Veggie Fest. I spent the whole week before the fest preparing products. All this week has been spent playing catch up from time lost the previous week. I have scheduled a promotional event at a local health store that is interested in selling our products. 

It's Your Life Magazine

The It's Your Life magazine has suffered due to lack of funds, but yet a passion that stills burns deep inside to somehow keep it going. We  are getting ready to release what is suppose to be our last digital issue. The website will become the platform for anyone who wants to contribute to helping others live a happy, healthy, natural life. I'm thinking I'd like to try just doing two issues a summer and winter. That might be more doable and just let the website be the magazines platform. I did get some new content up yesterday and today, go check it out.

Weekly Podcasts

Then there's  the weekly podcast and scheduling a month or two ahead of time to have a line up. Currently I would like to have someone on to discuss superfoods, essential oils, and the benefits of fermenting. Gee do you think David Wolf would be my guest for superfoods? I so would love that, but I think at this point I am to small for him. How about you? Yeah you? What topic/topics do you know about when it comes to natural living? What story do you have to share with the world? Don't be afraid it's fun and only audio, hey great idea hit me up.

Back To Work

Well that's all I have time for time to get back to work. It's 3:24 pm, podcast at 6 pm, have to get out the newsletter, get all the new emails from the fest onto Mail Chimp, clean up the kitchen, and hope I have time for some sort of work out. Hey this was nice I miss you guys.


  1. Good grief, what a lot you accomplish! Like you, I dig deep when writing posts. Then there's the editing and polishing. SO much time! And all I do is one blog (well, two, but the other one is on the back burner for now because I can't keep up). You're manufacturing products, running a magazine, attending events, producing podcasts, all of this on top of the blog? Hat off and a deep bow to you, Joyce.

    My sincere wishes for strength and stamina, and a fairy-godmother wish that you make so much money you can hire and pay an assistant well so you can stay focused on the creative aspects of your business and vocation.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kathryn. Yes, there is a lot going on, but I am doing what I love to do. Yes, one day I will hire an assistant could use one right now just to check my emails.