Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Healing & Communicating With Pets

This Friday April 29, 2016 on our podcast from 6 - 8 pm central join us for our live broadcast via Wolf Spirit Radio. There is a chat room where you can post questions to our guests and mingle with others, or just kick back and listen.

I was delighted when Kim and Allison from The Lightfoot Way agreed to do the podcast. They will help us learn about how we can heal our pets naturally with various techniques and more importantly how we can communicate with them. Our animals talk to us we just have to learn what they are saying.

Kim and Allison of The Lightfoot Way are the #1 source for holistic animal care.  They have over 30 years combined experience in this field.  Holistic animal care looks at each animal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  By looking at the animal as a whole, anyone can help the animals in their care to live happier, healthier and longer lives.  Since 2006, they have been providing classes and consultations for animal professionals and pet parents from around the world.  It provides them with great joy knowing that everyone has the ability to learn everything they do in a fun and simple way.  You can visit The Lightfoot Way to learn more.  You can email them at info@thelightfootway.com

 The Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center™ is the global community where pet parents and animal professionals can learn holistic animal care in a fun and simple format.  Each month includes an instructional how to video that we refer to as “20 Minutes to Your Success” notes to help you take it to heart, a private chat group community for the support you and your animals need, question and answer call to answer your important questions and a bonus to further your care for your animals.  Those that join the monthly membership get four life changing gifts. The animal professional level also includes access to the pet parent level.  

This was sent to The Lightfoot Way from the Animal Wellness Magazine, congratulations. 
We are happy to announce that The Lightfoot Way's Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center was selected to be included in our Product Picks feature in the June/July 2016 issue of Animal Wellness Magazine! The Lightfoot Way has officially received the Animal Wellness Magazine stamp of approval! Congratulations!

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