Sunday, September 13, 2015

Better Health Through Higher Vibration

Being in the church I was told that crystals were new age and I should not have them. I was discouraged from anything out side of what I was told the Bible said and what men determined it meant. However, I have been out of church for almost 3 years now. No, I still believe in the Father, the Son, and still indulge in the Bible. However, I look at it from the Hebrew perspective which gives a clearer understanding of what is being said. No, I am not Jewish nor do I practice Judaism our group has simply gone back to the roots of the Bible.

 The interesting thing about Hebrew is that every letter has a meaning and a number. So, by taking a word, for instance Jesus which was translated twice from Yahushua looking at the Hebrew letters and there meanings it translates Yahweh is salvation, Yahweh the name of the Father. Okay enough of the Hebrew lesson let's get into vibration which is why you are here.

The Science

Think back to science class and atoms. Everything is composed of atoms and they are in constant motion. Any type of movement is going to cause vibration. When we speak it is vibration, our thoughts vibrate, our heart vibrates, every cell in our bodies vibrate and when the natural vibration is thrown off we get sick.

Lowering of Vibration

Various things and situations can do one of two things either heighten our vibration or lower it. While we want to heighten our natural vibration things like caffeine or even stress, which are high vibration, disrupt our natural vibration by lowering it. Other things that lower our vibration are as follows.
  • Negativity
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Chemicals
  • Medications
  • Other people's vibrations 
  • Sounds including some music

Creating  Higher Vibration

While we come in contact with negative vibrations every day there are various things we can do to heighten them. By keeping our natural vibration high our bodies are healthier and can heal themselves they way they were created to.
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  • Stay positive don't get sucked into negativity meditation can help during times when it is hard
  • Eat organic foods picked straight from the earth and eaten have a higher vibration, animals which are treated humanly and eat as they were created to hold a higher vibration. An animal should not be slaughtered when stressed as this lowers the vibration.
  • Not only does our clothing contain chemicals which lower our vibration but they also carry various vibrations, linen has the highest vibration
  • Switch all cleaning products, hygiene products to organic
  • Detox on a regular basis
  • Find natural ways to deal with health issues
  • There are crystals that help to repel other people's negative vibrations, rose quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline are just a few and easy to find
  • Various sounds carry different vibrations those with high vibrations include silence, moving water, the slower the vibration of a sound the higher the vibration 
We can control our natural vibration and by doing this we are able to maintain our health and heal. There is a lot to learn about our world and vibration I suggest doing some research on your own.

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