Tuesday, December 23, 2014

From So So to So Amazing

Friend and fellow blogger Ela Whitten from Living Foods Makeover is once again helping others go from hmmmm so, so to SO AMAZING. With this 21 day program, like others before, lives will be transformed.

Ela is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who is transforming the lives of individuals in the area of healthy eating. Ela was also the food coach last month for the 30 Days to a Better you Challenge. Now it is on to the 21 Day Program where others have learned even more about healthy eating.

Looking for a new diet? Don't look here, Looking for the latest fade? Don't look here. Looking to continue eating the foods you love? Look right here. Looking to learn how to balance them all out? Look right here.

This program is not about giving up the foods you love. It is about how to incorporate them into life while still focusing on good health. Here's what others have to say about the program.

 “This program rocked my world. To this day I keep what I learned in mind in all my decisions and not only around food.”
— Melissa Polly

“Ela has the gift of teaching us to be in touch with our own bodies and to get away from the dieting mentality with real examples of how to do this”
— Sharon Nelson
Check out this limited space opportunity at 21 Day Program From So So, to So Amazing page and see everything you get. Remember space is limited and registration starts in January 2015. Don't wait, start the new year the healthy way and reserve your seat now.

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