Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Site, New Link Up

Some of you might know I have been writing a book, but also doing some freelance writing. One of my clients Business Mom Chronicles built a new web site for WHAMs. She needed some help editing and I helped her do that. Somewhere along the line I mentioned blog hops/link ups were a good way to get her site out there via her blog.

Business Mom Chronicles
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Tweet: Need a button? I can create one for you.

She decided she wanted to host a link up and asked me to create the button above. Ladies we have a newbie in our midst let's help promote her link and visit her blog/site. I know she is still tweaking it and some sections are not fully complete, but she seems excited to get started.

As a WHAM with boy/girl three old twins she understands that struggles some WHAMs deal with. She created a place for them to go, exchange ideas, frustrations, tactics, and list their businesses. She has also asked me to host the link up with her, so be sure to watch for that.

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