Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dealing With Anxiety

My daughter has anxiety, panic attacks, and social anxiety. Because I believe that every health issue can be dealt with naturally I purchased a book called The Anxiety Epidemic. I ordered the book from Azure Standard to take to her when I go visit her next week. They made a mistake, so I thought, and sent two of the books.

I say I thought it was a mistake because I started reading it, and decided I want to add to my library. It turns out my daughter was right about her social anxiety. This stems from rejection and bullying during her early years, which I might add I never knew about until recently.

It's the bottling up of emotions that causes the mental issues one may deal with later in life. Even though I homeschooled her, and she was with me most of the time, she managed to be bullied right under my nose. Funny I saw no red flags that something was wrong, and she is a talker, and never talked about it until now at 22. I have a good relationship with all my children, and talk with them so I know what they are dealing with. When I asked why she didn't tell me before she said it was no big deal, well considering what she is dealing with now her body must of thought so.

While I am not done with the book, I am impressed so far, and wanted to share.

When we do not deal with things like bullying, anger, fear, sadness etc, it can later in life manifest itself in the way of anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, fear, and depression. I have only gotten through the first two chapters of this small book, but it leaves nothing, at this point, to be desired. Right off the bat the author, who suffered herself from anxiety and panic attacks, wastes no time in getting into the cause, and treatment for those who suffer from the previously mentioned issues.

She talks about how the brain plays an important role in dealing with these issues, and how amino acids play a key role. This book is only a 139 pages long minus the bibliography, resources, and some other topics which are not chapters. I look forward to reading the rest of this book, and most of all pray my daughter will not only read it, but apply its contents as they apply to her.

You may also want to take a look at Rosemary Gladstar's new book Herbs for Stress & Anxiety. I mentioned one of her other books Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health, which I own, in a previous post entitled Anxiety, Stress, and the Nervous System. I talk about the book and how the nervous system plays a vital role in our mental health.

Personally I don't think that one cure works for everyone and depending on the issue one is dealing with depends on the correct route to take. I like to research all avenues when treating myself to make sure  1.) I am not using something that does not pertain to my needs. 2.) I am not taking numerous things, and 3.) Can I get what I need through my food?

I am not a trained health provider only one who seeks to get others thinking and guide them to resources I myself have found helpful.

Do you suffer from any of the symptoms mentioned?
Have you dealt with them naturally? If so how?


  1. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I have no doubt that it stems from bullying and other events in childhood.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that Holly, kids are cruel and have no idea the effects that their actions will have. I hope will purchase one or both of the books mentioned, or see if your library carries them. There are thing that can be done with out drugs, peace.

  2. Joyce,
    My oldest son had these same problems while in high school. With counseling and the proper medication , he is a mentally healthy adult. His problems were caused by Bullying also because he was extremely smart and took verbal abuse because of that.But now, he is having the last laugh as an IT specialist for the national company, and has a great salary that allows him to live alone in his own apartment which is not easy to do these days. Email me if you would like to talk....

  3. I suffer from depression. I have very little social anxiety and have no problem being at the front of a crowd. I'm glad that you found a natural way to heal. I believe that we are a product of our environment, including what we put into our bodies. I hope it helps your daughter. Thanks for linking up with CLIMB!