Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Health Benefits of the Martial Arts

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Many people think of martial arts as simply learning self defense. While this is a true fact there are a variety of health benefits associated with the arts as well. As a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a fan of Tae Bo I have experienced these first hand.

The many forms of martial arts require you to utilize your whole body. Unlike a gym where you work one body part at a time, cardio, and toning are done apart from each other. Doing martial arts allows you to burn calories through the many moves which will get your heart racing, required to burn calories. Tone your entire body through the various forms martial arts incorporates.

Forms are a series of moves put together, such as a side kick combined with a punch, and a block. Done together they make up a form, the various kicks tone different parts of the leg muscles. Various types of punches work the different arm muscles, along with the upper back, chest, and obliques, or love handles. The side kick by itself works the outer thighs, getting rid of those saddle bags, glutes, hips, and obliques, you can't do that with any machine.

Those with health issues can profit from the martial arts. There are various articles on the internet discussing how those with Parkinson's disease have had success at reducing their symptoms. Other articles talk about how participating in martial arts could slow down, or even prevent Alzheimer's.

Martial arts are a great way to relieve stress, which in our society is abundant.  Relieving stress is important for various health reasons such as the following.

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    Out of all the workouts I do, Tae Bo based on martial art moves, relieves my stress better than any other. Afterwards I breath a sigh of awwww and state how good that was.

    For our youth the martial arts are good for their health in every aspect. Due to the fact that our society is so technical, the health of our children can suffer. Children for approximately five to six hours a day are in school, most of the time sitting. When they come home they sit down to do their homework, then off to watch T.V., go on the computer, or a gaming device.

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    Martial arts teach children how to defend them selves, self control, team work, confidence, and much more. It is a fun way to burn that energy that has been stifled up all day. Statistics prove that children with certain health issues benefit from the arts, such as ADHD, and autism. Not only will you be helping to relieve their stress, help them be healthier, but you are also giving them a blue print for a healthy lifestyle through out their lives.

    I have to give my testimony on the health benefits of martial arts. If you are a regular reader you might remember the post "A Month of Health I." if not you can go back and read my experience with familial tremors. People with familial tremors are often misdiagnosed with Parkinson's disease. My coordination was off, and I really noticed it when performing martial art moves. Good news is I am a determined individual, I refuse to give up my martial art style workout, and now my coordination gets stronger every time I do it.

    If you live in or around Brisbane Australia, and would like to participate in a martial arts class visit the BTC  web site, there is something for the whole family. Classes in Tae Kwon Do start as early as three years old, what are you waiting for go and join now!!

    Do you do martial arts? If so have you noticed an improvement in your health?


    1. I love Martial Arts. I practice Tai Chi which is great for stress, balance, and a real good slow moving exercise that doesn't put stress on the body. Its' the one form of exercise I have been able to do without pulling a muscle or hurting myself in someway. Marital Arts is one those things that benefit physically, emotionally, & mentally. thanks for sharing.

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    3. Yeah, those who are not martial arts savvy would simply think of it as simply learning for self-defense. These two terms have been used interchangeably for quite some time. But if you think about it, Martial arts is learning the “art” for other reasons (interest, stress outlet or in your case, health benefits and the discipline), whereas self-defense is preemptive act for the sake self-preservation – and it’s not always about martial arts. ~Ari @ Infighting Fitness & MMA Academy