Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Rebounder/Mini Trampoline Benefits

After my month in health, and being told I was not doing the right type of exercise, I bought a rebounder. A rebounder is basically a mini trampoline.

There are many benefits to rebounding.
  • Detox your lymph nodes
  • Burn calories
  • Lower impact on the  joints
  • Work the whole body at once
  • Positive effect on every muscle and cell in the body.
  • Strengthens the musculosketeal system
  • Increases circulation and oxygenation to improve both organ and tissue health.
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Aids in increasing healthier red blood cells
  • Aids in lowering blood pressure 
  • Less strain on the heart
  • Improves lung capacity and respiration
  • Helps to produce alkaline ph easier, important because the majority of us are to acidic.
  • Aids in cellular and tissue repair when used on a regular basis.
  • Better sleep
  • Helps to improve balance
  • The biggest benefit is that it is fun.

I went to the local sports store, which here is the Academy, and bought an Urban Rebounder. My reasons for choosing this one are, first I have never used a rebounder and liked that it came with a stabilizing bar, which can be removed. It was not on for to long before I took it off, still nice to have. It also folds up for easy storage, came with two DVDs and can recline. Here you see how the recline feet fold under and are strapped when you don't want to use them. Since I use the DVD mine are down all the time as you can see in the picture below.

The first DVD is just an introduction to the rebounder and includes brief demos of the other DVDs you can purchase separately. The second DVD contains 3 workouts, Quick  Start Training, 30 min. workout, Cardio Blast, about 40 min, and Core Training, about 40 min. I do not recommend these workouts for anyone with joint issues, as you are also on the floor. I have yet to make it all the way through the Cardio Blast without stopping, but I have noticed I burn more calories. Totally love the Core Training. The DVD is definitely not for beginners, more advanced intermediate to advanced.

You can buy various DVDs to workout with both for the Urban Rebounder, and the rebounder in general. I took a look at the DVDs for the Urban Rebounder and don't like that there are various types of workouts on one DVD for instance on #1 which  I would think was for beginners includes first timer, basic, intermediate, advanced, senior, and abs. Why would you do that, put seniors in the mix they need their own. So I decided to view some other rebounder workouts.

As I set off in search for other DVDs I came across the rebounder ones again surprisingly they have great reviews. That just goes to show you everyone is different. So, if you are interested in checking them out here are the links Urban Rebounding Workout DVD, Compilation 1 6 work outs, Urban Rebounding Workout DVD, Compilation 2 5 work outs, Urban Rebounding Workout DVD, Compilation 3 4 work outs,  Urban Rebounding Workout DVD, Compilation 4 4 work outs, all have at least 4 stars, and you can watch a clip.

This post is long enough, so I will do another one on other DVDs that I would like to purchase in the future. Hmmm I'm thinking some for Christmas sure would be nice, burn off the extra holiday calories.

Benefits Resource

Do you do the rebounder? Do you use DVDs, if so what are your favorite?


  1. I have one but have not been able to use it due to some medical complexions but they come highly recommended by many natural health experts.

  2. I have a girl friend who uses hers twice a day and loves it.

    I've quite a bit of weight left to lose and haven't tried one yet.

    You've intrigued me. I didn't realize there were so many benefits.

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. My mom had one of these at one point. Sounds like a good investment!

  4. Yes, Becca it is, and it is great for the whole family, and whole body.

  5. I have not used a rebounder but several people do in our boot camp due to bad knees, etc. They can't take the constant pounding from sprints. But let me tell ya - they burn as much or MORE calories than the rest of us running around crazy with suicide drills, sprints, repeats and 15 touches. Phew I am getting tired just typing all of that. My husband has one and I really need to try it out. I get afraid I will REBOUND right up and off the thing. LOL.

  6. Curleedst, I felt the same way that is why I got one with a bar. I still feel like I will rebound off sometimes, you just really need to be aware of you are on the rebounder.

  7. My client bought one for the same reasons that you stated above but does she get on it? LOL. Now, I force her by making it part of her workout when we train. It's a great workout especially for those with joint problems. I'm stopping by from WOW!

  8. I have always wondered if these mini trampolines work! I have tried so many things over the years and some work and some don't. It sounds like this is in the works category! I might have to look into getting one! Thanks for sharing on the Four Seasons Blog Hop last week (yes I am really behind). Hope to see you this week.

  9. Terri, that is why it is important to try different things when it comes to fitness. Like you I have tried alot of different things, and this one that does work for me, and I believe others as well.

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  12. While the basic bounce is a great way to get started on a trampoline, you can progress to different trampoline activities as you become more familiar and more comfortable with the apparatus. The mini trampoline allows you to be versatile, so you have a whole arsenal of trampoline moves that are at your disposal.

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