Friday, July 5, 2013

A Month of Health II

While I was at the health store I decided to find out what my blood type was. They carry a blood type testing kit you can purchase and take home to do it your self, but as long as I was there and only had to pay for the kit I let him do it.

You may be wondering what my blood type has to do with my health, it has ALOT to do with health. Some of my friends were talking about eating for their blood type and said they felt so much better since they started. It turns out each blood type has foods they should avoid and foods they should eat hmmmm interesting. Well what could it hurt so, I found out I am B+ which also happens to be a rare blood type.

I found it very interesting that when he appeared with the paper work on my blood type that alot of what it said coincided with what he read in my iris.

The strengths for B+ are as follows; strong immunity,  creative, balanced, organized, most flexible diet.

The weaknesses for B+ are as follows; vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections, strong reactions to foods, tendency for memory loss, overemotional, exotic immune disorders.

Medical risks for B+ are as follows; chronic fatigue, auto-immune problems, lupus, MS, overproduction of cortisol in responses to stress, hypoglycemia, diabetes.

Good for the diet foods include; fish, turkey, dairy, potatoes, vegetables, pineapple, papaya.

Bad for the diet foods include; pork, chicken, tomatoes, peanuts, shellfish, corn, olives, wheat.

Supplements for B+ include the following.

  • Flax seed oil - nervous system booster
  • Licorice - particularly good for type B - strengthen adrenals
  • Green tea - high in beneficial antioxidants
  • Nutri- Calm - Vitamins (especially vitamin C) help buffer against excessive cortisol
  • Magnesium - Type B has a tendency to have a magnesium deficiency
  • Sugar regulator - Type B has a tendency toward diabetes
  • Chromium - sugar regulator high or low
  • Cranberry & Buchu - Type B's have more urinary system infections
  • Elderberry - defense against flu and viruses (type B's main weakness)
  • Immune simulator - use short term only if auto-immune conditions are present    

I was also given B-12 for memory and fiber due to the fact I don't get enough. Throw in a probiotic due to the toxicity of our world and some CoQ10 which anyone over the age of 25 should be taking this, watch the video below for the reasons

So I went from not taking no pills at age 48 to taking a bunch of supplements a day. Oh well better then prescription drugs right?

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