Saturday, March 2, 2013

Got Real Food?

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Okay just need to vent here a little. I am so sick of seeing blogs, web sites etc telling people how they can eat whatever they want and still lose weight, or avoid these foods for flatter abs, love this one no diet, no exercise, eat what you want just take this product. REALLY!!!!!! Food allergies, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and more are all linked to the foods we eat.

Now I don't do everything I should to be healthy, but one thing I have done is switch to organic food. Okay now this gets me too, organic food is real food, shouldn't the artificial garbage in the grocery stores change their name. Instead of food they could called it mutant food, or death sentence because that is what it is.

I'm also sick of hearing others complain that they can't lose weight. Well duh not as long as you are eating mutant food you won't, GET SOME REAL FOOD! Nothing is going to change as long as you keep doing the same thing, For a month the majority of my food is just that food, and I have lost 3 pounds however, I also work out on a regular basis, but even that didn't matter until I changed my food.

Until you change your food you will not see any changes, alright let's hear I can't afford to eat real food. No, you can't afford not to, and if you have kids what about them? Don't they deserve to eat real food that won't make them obese and sick? I have found two online resources for buying real food that I want to share with you.

Green Polka Dot Box, I know silly name, I just joined this site for an annual membership of $50 dollars, but I get discounts up to 60%, save gas, and if I order $75 worth of items I get free shipping, if you order under they have a flat rate of $9.95. They have cold foods such as cheese, and hot dogs, regular foods like pasta, and beans, personal care, home care, baby, pet, supplements, and natural remedies. However there is an additional cost for ordering cold foods, and if your order is over 65 pounds, as mine was.  For $10 you can give it try, but the free shipping does not apply which stinks because if you want someone to join, and give them a trail for $10 I think it should come with free shipping. Also note that while the site mentions vegetables and fruits, at this time there is no fresh produce.

Abe's Market is another online store I just purchased from, there is no membership fee, but all orders over $49 ship for free. They have a huge selection of natural products for kids and babies, I mean anything you need they have, and you can create a registry as well.  Abe has everything you need to be healthy from food, to cleaning, clothes, and more.

I also placed an order with Nature's Path because I wanted the bigger bags of cereal, and heck free shipping on order over $39. We got the shipment very quick, and the boys love the toaster pastries. If you have kids/teens in the house this is a great site for cereal, granola bars, toaster pastries, pancake mix, basically breakfast items.
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Another area to consider is to Google organic food co ops in your area, sadly there are none in my area, but when I Googled it for a friend back in Chicago a bunch came up. So I'm thinking those in the city have a better chance. Also Google organic farms in your area, these can be a great resource for local natural meats, eggs, cheese, vegetables, and more. Not only do you benefit from fresh foods, but you help to keep a local farmer up and running.

If you decide to go with a local farmer ask to visit the farm so you can see how the animals are being raised. Ask them to tell you about how they tend to their animals naturally. Same with vegetables and fruits how are they grown? Do they use any chemicals? However if you find them on the internet using the key words organic farmers in ______ most likely everything is fine but I want to hear it from them so I ask.

Okay so this wasn't just a rant hopefully this information will be useful to others, have a blessed weekend.

Do have a great resource for purchasing food, please share I am especially interested in fish and meats.

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  1. Great information Joyce! Thanks for the links.
    I mentioned your blog in my post tonight. Hope you don't mind.

  2. Not all thanks for the plug.

  3. Well, this is certainly the era of overweight people eating over-processed food...!

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  5. I don't think eating non-organic fruits and vegetables make you fat. But certainly eating less processed food is the key to loosing weight in addition to exercise. And you know what, some people really can't afford organic when it is $2 to three dollars more than the regular produce, which is why we need to voice our concerns to the FDA.

    I'm all for moving to feeding your family in a more natural way, so this has some great information on seeking out how to find your local farmers and supporting small businesses.

    New follower from the Whatever Wednesday Linky Party!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

  6. Great info. Thanks for sharing with us on Whatever Wednesday.

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