Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's In Your Food?

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That is what was at the top of the flyer we handed out for the showing of the GMO documentary "Genetic Roulette." I found out about the documentary when I stumbled on a site called Institute for Responsible Technology. This is a site that urges others to educate others about GMOs.While I was searching around the site I clicked on the take action tab which lead me to join the Tipping Point, here I met another local woman who felt the need to educate others is just as important to her as it is to me.

We set up a date and time to show the documentary at the local library. While I was letting others know about the showing I was surprised to hear many say "I don't want to know." "WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS IN YOUR FOOD?" Anyway we could not get into the conference room because they were still using it to prepare taxes. So, we had to go into the main library, not bad we had only two people show up, and this might attract others. It did, but only one person came to talk to us about what we are doing.

We are putting together a group of people to meet monthly, and share about how we are changing our eating habits, along with educating others on various topics. These topics include organic eating, organic gardening, the truth about raw milk, the truth about fluoride, and other things that we are being lied to about. On March 9 we will meet for an organic lunch, pot luck style along with taking forging in the yard, and discussing where to obtain organic food, and how to tell if it is organic.

I'm torn between making organic egg salad, or organic mashed cauliflower.

For the egg salad I use, for one serving

2 cage free eggs
Organic Pepper
Organic Garlic
Spectrum Organic Mayonaise
Paprika, not yet organic
Mustard not yet organic
1/2 Organic Avocado 

I didn't include any measurements because I feel we are all different, one person might like more mayo, or mustard, while some else may prefer less. I eat this alone or as a wrap made with Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Tortillas,   However, for the pot luck I thought I would make finger sandwiches with the Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Bread.

The mashed cauliflower recipe I found through a blog, but you know me I don't follow recipes. The great thing about this is all you have do is cook the cauliflower mash it up, and add whatever you would normally add to potatoes. I made this once, and my husband and I loved it, please don't ask what I put in it I honestly don't totally remember. You can thank my husband for that who taught me just to throw things together while all the long tasting until you are happy with it.

I wrote this blog to not only share, but to inspire others to become active in educating others about what we are putting into our bodies. There are so many people out who don't know and they deserve the right to know just like we do. I also want to let you know that you can watch the documentary online for $2.99.

Are helping to educate others about what they putting in their bodies, and their families? I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Great information Joyce! It is SO important to spread the word about the ugly side of food!

  2. yes this was a great post!! thanks so much for writing and sharing it


  3. I have Seeds of Deception by the same author. Crazy stuff! Thank you for linking up with Wildcrafting Wednesdays!

  4. Thank you Joyce for linking up this week with Wildcrafting Wednesday!
    Last month, I viewed that documentary at the Organic Conference in South Georgia. Great info and people need to know where their food comes from. :)