Monday, August 13, 2012

Vibram Five Finger Bikila

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While at Bible study someone mentioned one of the woman's shoes, I had never seen these before. She runs, and so does another woman, and they both say these shoes are awesome. We had a discussion about them yesterday after Bible study.

They said that you need to wear them for a month before doing any running in them. Also be ready to experience some shin pain when first starting out. Both woman believe the pain comes not being used to running in these types of shoes. They said that they both were so used to running in gym shoes, and they were trying to run as if they had them on.

One of the woman said she had a hard time with gym shoes due to multiple corns and bunions. She said just to hit the floor in the morning she would have to put on multiple socks just to avoid pain. Since she has been wearing these shoes she has noticed that the corns and bunions are disappearing. 

If purchased from the actual company you will pay $90 for these shoes, however my two lady friends said you can get them at a discount at the web site above for $66.99. Well, just so happens I saw on Fitness Magazine this morning that they are giving away a pair, today only. I am not sure if you have to register with the site or not as I am already registered. Even if you do it is a great site.

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