Friday, August 17, 2012

Lotion Body Bars

Photo credit: It's Your Life

I had written a blog about stretch marks where I talked about Palmer's Cocoa Butter, and the great results I have had with it. Well, I dumped it, I am making my own. I decided to make bars of lotion verses the creamy liquid because I feel like there is always some left on the bottom, and it gets thrown out.

I searched around for a recipe, and found one at Everyday Paleo. I chose this recipe because I had just about all the ingredients. I did not use the recipe to a tea, anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows I always revamp recipes. Well, this one was no different.

Photo credit: It's Your Life
As you can see from the image the organic honey, and coconut are both from Tropical Traditions, and the butters, and beeswax are from Mountain Rose Herbs. All but the coconut oil, was part of my monthly purchase. Okay, anyway I started with the beeswax, Everyday Paleo had this great idea for easier clean up, so I used it. I used a jar placed in a pot of water to melt all the ingredients, this did make for easier clean up.

Photo credit: It's Your Life
Here you can see everything melting down, I think I am going to get a smaller jar. It took longer than I believe I should have to melt. I had purchased some plastic oval molds from Hobby Lobby, went home, and thought, is there BP in this? Not knowing I took another suggestion from Everyday Paleo, and used a small muffin tin. My husband poured my liquid into the molds for me, because I obviously appeared a little awkward trying to figure out how to grab the hot jar.  

Photo credit: It's Your Life
It did not take long before the mixture turned solid, and I had some homemade lotion body bars. With wax paper on the counter I had to bang the tin to get the bars to release, yeah they did not break. I did have one little issue with the last three that were poured, the bottoms did not solidify correctly, I believe I should have mixed it towards the end. No big deal I'll just melt them down when I do my next batch. I have handed a couple out to my friends to try. One of them had it taken away by her daughter who commented that not only did it smell like chocolate, but it did not leave an oily feeling on her hands.

All the ingredients I chose, except for the beeswax are known to aid the skin in the following: elasticity, aging skin/wrinkles, and stretch marks. Coconut oil I am told can repair aging skin, we will see, (having some skin aging issues under the eyes.) I created these bars not just for me, but to help others with these issues as well. I am mailing a sample to my daughter in TN to test how it holds up in shipping with this heat we experience down here.

How it works, all you have to do is rub it where you want it, for me that's all over. The bar will be activated by your body heat. If the bar starts to get too soft just put it in the fridge for awhile. There that is it, so simple.

Is anyone interested in a sample? I will send samples to the first three people who send me their name and shipping information to my email at edjumpoff at yahoo dot com.


  1. Joyce... this is amazing. I've never even heard of lotion bars. Too cool and I think I might actually be able to do this. =)

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    1. Lol, too funny Nicole, I was already there when the power went out. All linked up and following.

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  3. Thanks for stopping, and the invite to link up. Yes, I sure will stop by and say hey.

  4. That is awesome, I will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow great idea! Thanks for posting Joyce, i will give it a try, i hope it will give justice to my dry skin.

  6. How great is that? :) I really need to make these!