Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Step

First I know I was going to blog about the other sale, but I am an affiliate with the company, plus I would like to talk more about working out. I had a hard time writing this blog as I have so much to say, and things I want to share I was afraid it was going to be all over the place, and leave everyone going, what!!!! Where did that come from.

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One of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment that I own is the step, I am glad I was able to get mine from the Firm when they had them because I can take the 6" piece and use it in the incline position on the 8" step. Plus I can put the 6" into the 8" for easy storage.  I just want to say that The Firm no longer makes this step, nor have they developed any new DVDs geared towards the step.

There are a couple of things I like about the step, first it is so versatile, and second it is great for getting both a cardio and toning work out at the same time. While The Firm no longer is producing works out with the step, there are other programs which do utilize them. Cathe' Friedrich has some that I own, and continues to incorporate the step in new DVDs she makes. Cathe' also has a variety of steps with risers starting at $39.99, all of the steps come with a DVD, some more than one,
You can also purchase a step at a local store, just be sure to make sure you can purchase additional risers, and the weight limit.

I first starting using the step back in 2004, it was hard, and I struggled to finish, but I kept on going. Next thing I knew I was purchasing more DVDs for the step, and then The Firm put out the one pictured above, and I purchased that one. My favorite moves incorporate both stepping on the step while do some type of upper body move, say a bicep curl. The step is great for working the lower part of the body, which for most woman is a trouble area. Recently I started doing box jumps with the 8", which again at first I struggled with. Now I love that I get a great cardio while shaping my lower half. Any step DVD you purchase will not be all step, there will always be some type of floor work which actually is a good thing. For those beginning, take your time, watch your form, keep your knees slightly bent, remember never lock those joints, take breaks if needed, you can pause and continue when you are ready. Most importantly listen to your body, it will tell you when you truly need to stop.

Cathe' and others do have some step works out which I avoid. They are what I call dancy, because they are more like dancing on and off the step. I avoid them not because I do not think they are good, but truth be told I can not dance, and end up tripping all over my self in an attempt to them. Plus it takes me longer to learn them, thus not getting a good work out. The work out above is for me, just might order this, the one below you can keep.

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If you would like to see some other work outs which utilize the step, or are seeking to purchase one I suggest visiting Collage Video. This is my ultimate favorite place to purchase exercise videos/DVDS here is why. I love that I can search the site by instructor, equipment, goals, or the type of work out I want. They have personal trainers who test the DVDs/videos and review them, others can review products also. I love that when I pull say the step it tells me right away if the work out is for beginners, intermediate, or advanced. You can watch a snippet, find out what equipment is used, along with what is incorporated and for how long. I also love that they carry some of the older DVDs/videos for The Firm with step. Oh and also they have great prices, weekly specials, a newsletter, ratings on work outs,  and the option to chat. They guarantee their products, so if you don't like it just return it within 30 days for a full refund even if it is open.

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