Friday, August 10, 2012

Eden Salve

Photo credit:The Bulk Herb Store
For years I have used Carmex, swore by it for soft lips. The ingredients in Carmex consist of camphor 1.7%, menthol 0.7%, and phenol 0.4%. The inactive ingredients are beeswax, cetyl esters, flavor, fragrance, lanclin, paraffin, petrolatum, salicylic acid,and theobroma coco seed butter. The majority of these ingredients are actually just fine, but two of them trouble them, phenol and salicylic acid. 

Phenol is common in a lot of our everyday products, but the site for phenol says it is toxic to humans by oral exposure. Wow!!!! I have been putting this stuff on my lips for years. Salicylic acid is common in most products for treating acne, however once again we are warned not to get it near our mouths. If you do you should flush with water for 15 minutes. Sorry, but there is no way you can put this on your lips, and not end up getting it in your mouth.

I have been rescued, Eden Salve is all natural, and is not only great for chapped/dry skin, but also insect bites, cuts, rashes, and boils. The ingredients are all natural, organic pure olive oil, organic beeswax, organic echinacea purpurea, organic rosemary leaf, organic echinacea root, organic comfrey leaf, organic plantain leaf, organic yarrow flower, propolis, and grapefruit extract. I knew all the ingredients except one, propolis, which is a natural antibiotic derived from the resin of tree bark and leaves.

I love Eden Salve we have used for dry lips, ant bites, and mosquito bites. Here in the south it is not uncommon to get ant bites, there mounds are every where, and sometimes you don not realize you are standing on one if it is small or hidden by grass. When used on the bites the sting is taking away, and itching stops. You know how when you get a bite you get that red ring around the bite, well not if you use Eden Salve. Be sure to have two tins of this on hand one for the house, and one for the car. You should keep the one for your car in your purse, it will melt during hot weather.

This is a great time to purchase this product, The Bulk Herb Store is having a 72 hour sale, and Eden Salve, also known as Miracle Salve, is one of the items. You can get the 1 oz now for $4.77 or the 4 oz for $13.77 both are discounted by 40%. I recommend getting two of the 1oz so you have one for the house, and one for the car.

I also need to say that the owner Shoshanna has a series of great video on Youtube, here is one where she shows us how to make homemade bug salve.


  1. That salve looks really nice! Thanks for stopping by and linking up!

  2. I am going to have to try that! I am kind of getting nutty about ingredients, so that's a great find!

  3. The salve is awesome, and with all natural ingredients. I'm with you Courtney, I am also making as much from scratch as I can, along with educating my self in herbs, and more.