Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lemon Water

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Okay it is confession time, I love pop, there I said, the most unhealthy beverage in the world. You would think once I found out it takes 30 gallons of water to wash out all the toxins from pop, I would stop drinking it. Nope, I do not drink coffee, and for me there is nothing better first thing in the morning than a cold cup of bubbling pop goodness. However, I can drink it all day long, and that is not good.

Water, water, water, you hear it all the time, and I know it is true, and everything about it, but I do not like water, I do not like it Sam I am. I know I need to drink it, and more of it. So, I bought a new pitcher, and dedicated it to lemon water, Water is bland, and I don't care what they say, leaves me feeling empty. But add some lemons to it, and it tastes cool, and refreshing.

Plus there are a lot of health benefits to drinking lemon water. Not only do I get the water my body needs, but it gets a whole lot more also. Here is a list of the benefits your body and mine receives from drinking lemon water.

Cleanse your system

Aids in various stomach issues

Stimulates the liver

Aids in weight loss

Builds the immune system up

Great for the skin

Great for your teeth, rub on bleeding gums to stop bleeding, or tooth ache for pain relief

Aids in controlling high blood pressure

Good for the respiratory system

Reduces fever

Great for sore throats

Natural blood purifier

Blood sugar stabilizer

Fights bad breath

Helps rheumatism
Regulates the metabolism and absorbs sugar

Aids in the absorption of calcium

Natural diuretic 

Full of vitamin C

It is said that drinking a warm glass of lemon juice first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day, and aids in the weight loss process. While drinking warm lemon water appears to be the best way to drink it, I like it cold, very cold.

My pitcher holds one gallon, if you can find organic lemons great for you. I get mine at the local produce store, be sure to take a vegetable brush and scrub under hot water to remove any pesticides. I like to use the whole lemon in my water, I feel you get more of the vitamins and minerals which are also contained in the rind. I wash two lemons and slice them up, stick them in the water, add some ice, and into the fridge it goes. When I drink it I add ice to my cup, I am so glad I received this revelation, now I am drinking water.

 So, when life hands you lemons, skip the lemonade and make lemon water.

If you drink lemon water, what health benefits have you seen?
After reading this will join me in drinking lemon water?


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