Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crock Pot Cooking

Photo credit: Bed Bath and Beyond
I love my crock pot, especially down here in Louisiana where cold weather nearly exists. Yesterday my husband was going to bake some chicken, but decided to use the crock pot instead. We recently purchased a new crock pot from Bed Bath and Beyond. You see we used the other one so much it was falling apart, although it did still work.

Before we had a round one which made it a little difficult to stuff a nice roast or whole chicken in. We wanted an oval one along with one that had a touch features, was stainless steel and had a timer. After searching we decided on the Crock Pot Stainless Steel 6 Quart Countdown Oval Slow Cooker with Dipper, which we have not used to date.

 I also purchased one for daughter's birthday, which just passed. She has PCOS, Polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes her to be tired along with carrying some extra weight. Trying to eat healthy has been a struggle for her, so when she said she wanted to start cooking from scratch to get healthy I knew she was setting her self up to fail. Cooking from scratch takes time, she works a lot and with PCOS I knew she would quickly go back to fast food or frozen foods. With a crock pot she can just throw whatever she wants in there set the timer, go off to work, and come home to a healthy home cooked meal.

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The up points are she can do like I did with the chicken, love chicken so versatile. First off I saved the broth, many vitamins and nutrients get left behind when boiling or slow cooking. I have a set metal strainer I use to get out anything I might not want. In this case I knew I was going to use the broth with chicken, so there really was nothing to strain, it was all boneless, skinless chicken breast.

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So, my husband used some of the chicken for his lunch combining it with brown rice and cauliflower, my 15 year old ate some by it self, I made a gravy with the broth, and put over some of the chicken and cauliflower, and I made the 15 year old an omelet with the chicken and three Mexican cheese, see recipes. My husband will use the gravy over the same lunch combination tomorrow.

So, all together we have gotten four meals out of eat, plus the one for tomorrow, and there will still be chicken, and broth left. Yes, we could have done the same thing in the oven, but the house would have been hotter than it already is. Plus the chicken has more flavor when done in the crock pot because it is submerged in the water and seasonings.

Some crock pot recipes I would like to make.

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