Monday, May 14, 2012

Modifications For Exercising

Photo credit: It's Your Life
Just because you do not have a piece of equipment needed for an exercise does not mean you have to skip it. I have learned through out the years how to use what I have and modify. For instance one DVD I have uses a resistance band, well I have two different types and either one was it. While I had to play with the one I thought I could use I finally got it to work, and still use it for this DVD.

When I first started working out with my "Fat Blaster Cardo," DVD by Billy Blanks, I substituted weights for the resistance bands. At the time I just started working with them, and they are a challenge. Once I learned the movements using the weights I went to the resistance bands, which I purchased from the Tae Bo web site. I looked to see if they still have them, and they do not, glad I purchased them when I did.

As an advanced exerciser I also modify to achieve a more effective work out. For instance if I already have done the work out, and know that they will be a movement for beginners first, and than for the more advanced, I do the advanced the whole time. Another thing I have done to challenge my body and get a more effective work out is add ankle weights. I do this with a few of my work outs where I know I can, It is mostly when using some of the step work outs I do, I would never add them to do Tae Bo.

Just as I did the advanced movement the whole time you can do the beginner move. However, remember your body needs to get that shock in order for you to reap the benefits. What I suggest is pushing your body a little bit harder, and attempt the advanced moves, you can always go back to the beginner move. You could also take a short break to recoup, this does not mean going off somewhere, it means walking around the room, or stretching the muscle, and than returning to the work out.

 I mentioned Cathe's Circuit Blaster, and how tough it is. When I first started I had to take a break, I would walk around until I caught my breath, get a sip of water, and return to the work out. There was also a time as a beginner I could make it through the whole work out, yes I would stop, but I never gave up using that work out. I would do it again on another day and get a little further, I set goals for how much more I would do pushing my self to go further.

While it is good to push through, you have to listen to your body, if you get a cramp either modify, or stop. Some exercises do bring some pain, but you need to know the difference between the pain that says no you can not do this, and the other pain that says, yeah your working now. Also if you are just starting out take some exercises slowly to learn how far you can go, such as a Russian twist which consists of moving your torso from one side to the other, if you are not careful, and do not know how far you can go you will hurt your self. As time goes by your body will allow you to go further making the exerciser more beneficial.

Okay my beautiful friends I have to leave you now. We are going on vacation in a week, and I can't stand coming home to a messy or dirty house, so this week is big time cleaning week. You can bet though I will still be working out.


  1. I just put together an email for my subscribers on the same topic of modifying exercises so they work for you. The worse thing is to do nothing - so finding that place between modification and pushing yourself is key. Thanks! #wowlinkup

  2. I totally agree. People sometimes just say "I could never do that". But if you modify at first, go as far as you can each time, eventually you will get it. Your body still benefits and gets stronger. It just needs to be challenged in some way, it doesn't matter if the exercise is modified or not. Have to start somewhere, right? #wowlinkup

  3. Hi Joyce, modifications are very important for new or beginner exercisers to avoid being injured. It is always better to take a beginners class or exercise from a beginner DVD. Sometimes people see workout like Insanity and think they could do this but they haven't exercised for 20 years, and it often leads to injury or frustration. If one takes or desire to take an advanced workout, your tips above are very important. Thanks for visiting the #wowlinkup and I tweeted your post.

  4. You are doing really good. I have only once worked out on a vacation daily -a cruise ship. Interesting running on the treadmill with a sailing ship. It rocks. Whoa! I am like you - an advanced workout person so I also have to amp it up constantly to stay challenged. #wowlinkup

  5. I s need to learn how to modify doing push ups and planks as I have issues with weak arms due to MS. So happy to hear this workout works for you. Good luck.