Friday, October 9, 2015

What is the Soul/Spirit?

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I had a conversation with someone about the soul/spirit, actually multiple people. It was interesting that each one had their own idea of what the soul is. One person preferred to say the spirit instead of the soul. For me the soul and the spirit are the same thing.

It is interesting to even do an internet search looking for the definition it's all different. Considering that we do not truly know what the soul/spirit is I do not think one is right and another is wrong. Instead I find it interesting to learn what various dictionaries say and what others think. When we open our minds to others thoughts we can glean from them and ad to our own idea of the soul/spirit.

Urban Dictionary is very interesting as they have allowed individuals to post their thoughts. There are pages and pages under "soul," I only viewed the first page. I have to much to do to read them all, but on the first page I found a post by someone called Slash and this it what they had to say.

"The energy of life existing in all beings. Exists both inside and outside of the beings physical shell as both a fuel for the physical realm and a connection to the universal life-force. 

The force of mind/body/spirit that has always existed and will always exist. 
While life slipped from my body with each breath, my soul emerged, strong and vital and ready for the next part of the journey"
While I do not totally agree with this person's view point I like the connection to the universal life force and the soul emerged, strong and vital and ready for the next part of the journey.
Tonight  from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm central time on our new weekly podcast join Joyce Wheeler, Randy Wheeler, and Nancy  Hopkins for a discussion on the soul/spirit on Wolfe Spirit Radio. There is a chat box which requires a quick registration where you can join in the discussion and chat with others.

What do feel the soul is?
I will be reading these tonight on the show and will be mentioning only the first name.

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