Saturday, October 5, 2013

Changed the Crackers and Chips

It dawned on me that many people might want to switch to organics, but know brands they should buy, or where to start. Changing the foods you eat on a regular basis takes time, one thing at a time. I have researched every company whose product we buy. I wanted to know where it came, how it was grown, how they made it into whatever it was, in this case crackers and chips.

Location is important to our family to because even though it is not talked about, some states have higher levels of radiation than others. Radiation? You may be asking, yes, radiation from Japan. So, that is an issue for us as well.

The brand I selected for crackers and chips for our family is Late July in MA. They have a nice selection, I replaced our Ritz crackers with Late July's Classic Rich Crackersgreat with cheese. We also purchase their Round Saltine Crackers great in soups, and chili. My oldest loves the Bite Size Crackers Cheddar Cheese,so long Cheez It, there's a new GMO free cracker in town. You should know that the crackers are made in a plant that also processes milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts for allergy purposes. They have mini Cheddar Cheese bites, and peanut butter sandwich crackers as well which are like the Ritz Bites, but we have not had those.

They have a nice selection of chips which are made 16 whole grains, and is gluten free. My favorites are the Dude Ranch Multigrain Tortilla Chips tangy sour cream with a blend of herbs and spices. Mild Green Mojo has green chiles with cheese and a hint of lime, yum. Other flavors we have not tried are Summertime Blues, Sweet Potato, Red Hot Mojo, Sub Lime, and Sea Salt. I did have the Sub Lime once, and those were really good too.

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  1. Great post! Good to know for my nephew that eats gluten free foods. Thanks for sharing on What Are You Doing? Blog Hop!