Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Digestive Enzymes Important to Health

My husband took out a book for me from the library called "Toxic Free" by Debra Lynn Dadd. I didn't read the whole book, but instead read about various topics. One was on the topic of supplements, she wrote that she had spoken with a health care provider who said if you take nothing else at least take probiotics, and enzymes. I know about probiotics, but nothing of enzymes, so I set off to do some research on the topic.

Enzymes are just as important, if not more so, to us as oxygen is. They are the key to making our bodies work the way they were created to. While there are different types of enzymes our focus is on the digestive enzymes.

The minute we start chewing our food digestive enzymes are released within our mouths. These enzymes are alerting other enzymes to get ready to work. It is interesting that different enzymes are used to digest different foods.

  • Lipases breaks down fats.
  • Amylases breaks down large carbohydrate chains
  • Proteases breaks down proteins.
Enzymes are lost through various ways, artificial ingredients in our food, cough cough GMOs, poor diet, lack of vitamins and minerals, and the aging process. Another contributor to the lose of enzymes is eating to fast, when we eat to fast the enzymes in our mouth don't have enough time to get the others working. Chewing gum sends a false flag to our enzymes, they start working, but on what? Nothing, and drinking while eating tells our enzymes to stop working.

You can take a supplement to replenish enzymes, but you can also get them by eating raw foods. Raw fruits and vegetables naturally contain the enzymes our bodies need to work. Juicing is not a option for getting the enzymes, because remember it is the chewing process that jump starts the other enzymes. Eating cooked vegetables depletes not only vitamins and minerals, but also enzymes.

Some symptoms that you are lacking in enzymes, feeling bloated after you eat, intestinal gas, irregular bowel movements, and more. Most stomach conditions are due to a lack of enzymes which breaks down the food allowing it to flow more easy through the blood stream. It seems other health issues may be due to a lack of digestive enzymes. If our bodies can not get the vitamins and minerals it needs our immune system is put at risk. It was once thought that people lost enzymes due to illness, scientists now believe it is the lack of enzymes that cause illness.

Due to the fact we start losing enzymes after age 22 it is suggested that we all take a digestive enzyme supplement. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT get these from GNC, Walgreens or any other chain store they do not use organic materials, and may include other ingredients. We use Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System, Digestive health. We purchased ours through our local health store, the owners are very knowledgeable on the best organic brands. This brand is also vegan and contains no gluten, read what others say about this product here, also cheapest place to buy them.

I was told to take enzymes only when eating protein, but my research has taught me different. The bottle says to take 1 with every meal, but again research has taught me that it is best to take 30 minutes before eating to give it time to absorb, which to me makes sense.

Since I started taking enzymes I no longer bloat after eating certain foods. Usually if I worked out in the Louisiana heat I would be worthless for two days. The other day I was out planting seeds and do some weeding, I thought for sure I would be down for two days, but no I feel great!!

I read a lot of articles, and even watched some videos, the one below is just over 5 minutes, and very informative.

I am not a health care professional please consult with one before starting to take any type of supplement. I am not an affiliated with Rainbow Light in any way except for being a consumer.


  1. You have absolutely no idea HOW important digestive enzymes & probiotics are for me!! I do not have a large intestine, thanks to difficulties and without my intestine, everything is a bit harder to digest. Thankfully these enzymes exist, otherwise I'd probably be bed ridden the rest of my life!

    1. Wow!!! What a testimony, thanks for sharing.

  2. I've never read about enzymes before! Thanks for sharing this information, Joyce. I will have to talk to my chiropractor about them. :)

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  4. Good to know...I've been taking probiotics and coQ10. Need to think about adding.
    Thanks so much for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop! I hope you'll stop by again this week and check out the Autumn Giveaway!

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  6. Thanks for posting this blog. I have been suffering from a severe pancreas problem for one year so my doctor recommended me to have digestive enzyme supplement once in a week.

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