Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Quinoa Recipe

I love quinoa it is so versatile, I am having a good time coming up with different combinations of ingredients to make new dishes.

I love this one once again I used the vegan Italian sausage, but I added cream of mushroom soup, and broccoli. Then I got the idea to top it off with some cheese and a dollap of sour cream. As usually I added sea salt, pepper, garlic, more garlic (it's a food group in our house) all purpose seasoning and some cajun seasoning. This was so gooood, the only complaint I had was that it needed more meat.

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Italian Sausage,  Cream of Mushroom Soup & Broccoli

1 cup  uncooked quinoa
2 cups water
1 pkg vegan Italian sausage
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 10 oz pkg of broccoli
Sea salt
All purpose seasoning
Cajun seasoning
Cheese of choice (I used a Mexican blend)
Vegan sour cream

Rinse the quinoa and add to 2 cups of water, in a separate pan cook the Italian sausage and cream of mushroom soup. In a separate pot cooked the broccoli, I season each that I am cooking due to I have noticed it takes alot of  seasoning when cooking from scratch. Once everything is cooked combine with sausage and cream of mushroom soup, you could add the cheese during this step if you wanted to. However I love cheese and choose to add it afterward to make sure I got my share. Be sure to taste you dish to make sure the seasonings are to your liking. Know all you have to if you want is add your sour cream and eat up!

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  1. Another fantastic recipe. We had quinoa at lunch and it's so versatile!

  2. I am a huge quinoa fan! Just posted some granola bars made with it, cant wait try this next.
    Krista@ Far From Normal

  3. I cannot wait to try this recipe! THanks so much for sharing.