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Teaching Children About Herbs

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Mountain Rose Herbs and Learning Herbs dot com have put together a book club for kids to learn about herbs. This is done through various ways, stories, coloring pages, recipes, games, crafts, and so much more.

This program was designed by Kimberly Gallagher, wife of John Gallagher founder of Learning Herbs dot com. The book club runs for 13 months, each month you and your child/children will have access to one title of the book series "Herb Fairies," a magical tale of plants and their remedies. This is not just an ordinary book club this is a learning system for children.

The cost for the book club is $97, WAIT!!! This is for a LIFE TIME, so you can use it as much as you like when you like. Just added today April 11. 2013 payment plan, start for just $37, and then make two additional monthly payments of $37 go here, and scroll all the way to the bottom. Okay another up date came in my email this morning, you can test drive one book for FREE!!! What a great way for homeschoolers to do science, fun, hands on, education. You can easily use this for children at different levels allowing one curriculum for various children. Even if you don't homeschool this is a great way to teach children about the herbs around them, and their healing properties.

Books are available in various formats, hard copy (on demand), PDF, Kindle, I Pad, all other e-readers, tablets, and smart phones. These are chapter books which consist of 40-50 pages each with full color illustrations. The books are meant to target children between the ages of 5-12 however, it is said that all age groups love these books. You also get an audio for use with any MP3 player, great for non-readers. Now read on to find out more about this unique book club.

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It is actually a web site where you have access to the books in all their formats (except hard copies which also has an additional charge), items to create a journal, coloring pages/posters, recipes,  even a discussion board, and more. Children will experience various fairies, male and female, whose names relate to a particular herb and their characteristics also coincide with that herb. One thing I think is really cool is that the fairies are not only various ages, but also represent the ethnic group from the country the herb is native to.

Children will learn how to identify herbs in the wild, how to harvest them, their medicinal properties, and how to make various recipes with them. Through this children will be more likely to try the homemade healing remedies because they are creating them with you.

Hurry, there are only 5 days to join, and then it will be closed until the spring of 2014. Why is that you are wondering? Well that is just another awesome point of this book club, children will learn through out the growing season about the different herbs blooming during each season.
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If that is not enough there are two freebies, "Herbal Roots" is a magazine your child/children will receive each month for the 13 months of the book club. The herb contained in each issue will coincide with the herb in each book being studied. There are song, puzzles, games, recipes, and so much more.  Just added today you also get "Herbal Remedies for Children," a 93 page e-book full of information for the cold & flu season, plus more such as remedies for teething, and tummy aches.
 For more info on this amazing book club visit Learning Herbs and just scroll down. If you would like to view the promotional video along with watching the testimony included or just sign up than just click here.

You only have five days, and one day is already gone the club opened yesterday April 9, 2013, so hurry up so you don't miss this great teaching opportunity!

  Book One: Stellaria’s Big Find

"Imagine the excitement of four children playing in the park when they discover a real, live fairy. Not just any fairy, but Stellaria, the chickweed fairy. Chickweed is one of their favorite healing plants and it turns out Stellaria was looking for them. She needs the children’s help to restore the fading magic in the Fairy Herb Garden. When Stellaria takes them to her fairy home, the children find that restoring the magic means facing a troll. Can they figure out how to use chickweed to heal the troll’s ailments? Will they be able to solve the riddle to guess her name?"                       Taken From the Learning Herbs Web Site

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