Thursday, February 21, 2013

Better Ab Workout

I found out that for years I have not been working my abs to their full potential which leads to better looking, firmer abs. I always knew to suck my abs in like trying to touch my belly button to my back, and contracting the ab muscles as I performed an exercise. I also knew to keep my elbows open, and my head back, like holding something between my chin and my chest, and not to pull on my head, but lift with my abs.

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But what I figured out during the last say seven years is I can work my abs more effectively, and achieve better, and faster results by adding one simple thing. That one thing is contracting my abs through the whole exercise. So, while I have always enjoyed working my abs because I can lay down, and not have to work a lot, not true. Working your abs takes a lot of contraction and work, that is if you want nice abs, you have to hold that stomach in, contract the muscles all the time, and then when performing an exercise contract even harder. Oh and don't forget to breath out on  the exertion and in coming out, the whole time contracting on those abs, wow that is a lot of work, but worth it.

I also learned that working the abs just does not have to take place on the floor doing some crunches. As a mater of fact I have heard some personal trainers say they have totally ditched crunches. Working the abs standing up, is very beneficial especially for the obliques. While planks at first were not a favorite exercise as you excel you will find that they are very versatile, and a great over all core work out. Planks is what some do alone for ab work, while they are great for the abs they also aid in strengthening the back.

Personally I like a combination of all the varieties, crunches, stand up abs, and planks. Everyone is different you need to find what works for you in creating the great abs. I've never had six pack abs, but that is okay I just want my abs to look the best they can for my body.


  1. Abs are my least favorite part of my workout. But they're a necessary "evil" and balance out your back.

  2. Ah that whole naval to spine pilates thing. I try to just walk around like that if at all possible. Makes me feel like I'm doing something. . .

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