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I know a lot of trainers who recommend supplements to their clients, personally I am against them. I feel that using herbs to get vitamins and minerals my body may be lacking is a much better choice. Not all supplements are natural, and some contain "Other Ingredients," personally I want to know what I am putting in my body. Also it is easier for our bodies to ingest the beneficial properties from  herbs rather than an over the counter supplement.

By making an infusion or tea with herbs you can get those vitamins our bodies do not naturally produce, but need. You can make them daily using different herbs, or use a different herb every day. Some herbs do have side effects, may effective pharmaceutical drugs, or not be suited for pregnant or nursing mothers.Both The Bulk Herb Store and Mountain Rose Herbs include what each herb they carry is good for along with listing any side effects. 

So, I am sure you wondering what is the difference between an infusion and tea. Both use water, and the leaves of a plant, but an infusion steeps for at least four hours. I prefer the infusion to tea because the longer it sits the more vitamins and minerals are removed. To make an infusion I use a quart mason jar, and fill half way with my herb than add boiling water filling the jar to the first edge. Some like to let their infusions sit all night, which of course removes even more of the beneficial vitamins and minerals from the herb. If you make your infusion during the day shake it every time you walk by which helps to make sure all of the herbs in the jar are being stimulated. Do not allow your infusion to sit in direct sunlight.

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Once the infusion is ready I use a metal strainer to remove the herbs from the water. You can take a cup or bowl, put the strainer over it and pour all the contents out of the jar. You could also use cheese cloth or a muslin bag/cloth. Use the back of a spoon to get all the water out of the herbs.If you use cloth squeeze the herbs inside to get all the water out. I do not add anything to my infusion, but it would not hurt to do so. I just feel I get the most benefits from the herb by just drinking it alone.

The first infusion I started with was Stinging Nettle, this is the one that was made on Herb Mentor. Stinging Nettle is great for a lot of things, along with containing various vitamins and minerals. However, it should not be used on a daily basis, and should not be used by those taking meds for high blood pressure. Personally I would conduct a search for the vitamins contained in a specific herb, I noticed that neither of the resources I recommended lists them all. Other resources I trust are Living Strong, and Learning Herbs, I have been known to visit Web Md, but I am skeptical about some of their information.

Personally I do not use any of the teas found in local super markets only those from the listed resources. I love that I know where the herbs are coming from, and know they use them their selves, and for their families.If you have a local health store that sells bulk herbs I urge you to support them. I found in a nearby town, by their supply of bulk herbs is limited. The man who owns it is an herbalist, and uses the products in his store, thus I find him a trusted resource. Another store in the same town claimed to be organic, but uses processed items for their deli. I will not be returning to that store.

This blog is strictly for educational purposes only, I am not a professional health care provider. Seek the advice of your health care professional before using new products.

Watch a video of Susan Weed making a Stinging Nettle infusion.


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