Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Liver & Eyes

Photo credit: Natural Healing with Herbs
I have been researching today on herbs for healthier eyes, but learned a lot more than I bargained for. I have worn glasses/contacts since I was in third grade, but within the last three years I have noticed changes. Thus was my reason for seeking out herbs for the eyes.

If you have eye problems it could be because your liver is unable to do it's job. There are three types of issues some individuals may experience with their eyes, liver blood deficiency, liver heat, or internal liver wind. All three of these play a role with our vision.

Liver blood deficiency - blurry vision, myopia, floaters, color blindness, or dry eyes. Liver blood deficiency is believed to be caused by anemia, or scarring of the liver which reduces the blood flow through the liver.

Liver heat - Believed to be caused by a local inflammation can cause eyes to be blood shot, painful or burning sensation.

Internal liver wind - May cause eye balls to turn upwards and move involuntarily. The medical proffesion believes this can be associated with those who experience high blood pressure and/or high levels of emotional stress.

I found a great list for the Top Herbs for Vision and Eye Health however, a closer look at each of these herbs shows they may not be for everyone. While they may all be great for our vision some of them are also a diuretics, appetite stimulants, and the majority of the antioxidants I have found are known to relieve constipation and/or cause diarrhea. Personally I believe this is to aid in eliminating the toxins which are in our bodies. My personal suggestion is to start slow when detoxifying.

One article I read was from an individual who had a hormonal issues, when she used certain herbs they had a negative effect on this. While I seek to educate you I also seek to educate my self further on this topic. I will blog some time this week about the herbs mentioned on the site above, or you can do it your self and hopefully you will share your findings with the rest of us.

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