Saturday, July 28, 2012

Healthy Yogurt Popsicles

Photo credit: It's Your Life
For a while now I have been wanting to make some healthy Popsicles. I have been browsing recipes, and have seen a variety which include yogurt. Well, this is something else I want to make on my own, but can not get what I want to do so until next month. I had looked at a variety of stores for a yogurt that contained the most natural ingredients, and had a hard time with that. Finally I found Yotastic from Supervalu Inc, so today I made some homemade yogurt Popsicle.

I did find a recipe, but if you know me, I didn't use it except for the ingredients. The recipe I did find was very easy, 1 cup of plain yogurt and mixed seasonal fruits, 1 Tbsp organic honey. Okay the recipe did not call for organic honey, just honey, but I must say organic is so much better. I also used a mix of berries, I had purchased a bag of a three berry mixture from Sam's Club just for smoothies and juices.

I love that it was so easy to make, and I made just enough to fill my Popsicle holders, and a small cup for the hubby to try. You could easily use paper cups and a craft stick to make some, if you want to make more. While my boys are a little old for our Popsicle holders, I love that they have a built in straw, and so do they. Please do not ask me where I got them, I did not even know we had them until my 15 year old found them one day.

So, it said to let them sit in the freezer for 3 hours, we will see what happens.

Do you make homemade Popsicle?  If you do drop me a link for the recipe.


  1. Now that Paris is hot, I can do some to my son ;)
    Have a nice day ;)

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