Friday, June 15, 2012

Circuit Training, Interval Training, Tabata

The exercise industry moves so fast at times you can hardly keep up. Every time I turn around there is a new term. From what I have seen, there is little difference between circuit training, interval training, and Tabata. Okay so Tabata is based on time, but what are the differences, and how do you know which one to choose.

Photo credit: Curves
Circuit training is easy to explain because this is what Curves uses. If you have not been to a Curves, all the machines are set up in a circle with pads in between each one. The machines, and pads all have timers, which are set for 30 seconds. Once you have completed a machine, you than jog on the pad for 30 seconds, and continue around the circle until you are done. This enter work out at Curves lasts 15 minutes, going again gives you a 30 minute work out, you are done, and out of there.

Interval Training incorporates short bursts of high level activity with a short activity recovery period. For instance let's say you run, you may decide to run full throttle to a predetermined spot, and than jog at a slower pace to another predetermined spot. Alternating back and forth for the time period you have allotted your self.

The Tabata work out is probably the easiest to understand because there are set time rules however, I have seen some works up the time limit. Tabata is made up of high intensity levels of activity and actually is considered interval training. There is a time frame of 4 minutes, which includes either two to four exercises performed for 20 seconds each, than a 10 second cool down period. 

Photo credit: Just Loving Life
All three styles of work outs are great for burning calories, the times can be determined by you, and you determine the intensity level. If you are new to these types of work outs, you may want to do one of two things. One purchase or find some beginner work outs for free, or two just go ahead and wing it, and have fun burning unwanted calories. I have included some links of sites where I go for a free work out, or to get ideas, and put together my own. The great thing is they can all be customized by you!!!

iBodyFit offers a nice selection of sample exercises along with variations.

Fitness Magazine does not include total work outs, but it is great for body parts to do on your own.

You Tube is my total go to at the moment for a total work out, I subscribe to two I use on a regular basis. Bex Life offers a series of Tabata workouts in a series called You Have 4 Minutes. BeFit is the other one I use, I love this one because you can do a whole work out with Jillian Michaels or Denise Austin, and more.

ShareitFtiness is a brand new site, I am actually a beta tester for the site, and love it. As a guest you will be limited, but there are a ton of workout videos there. Too bad due to Charter I can not access the site at this time. Oh and if you are able to utilize the challenges, check it out intense.

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