Friday, April 13, 2012

Your Body Needs a Shock

If you exercise on a regular basis, and notice that all of the sudden the results have come to a stand still, you need to shock your body. I have worked out at home for most of my life because I like the convince, and privacy. After doing the same DVD work outs, even though I mix them up, my body is used to them. So, I have to find something to purchase to give my body that shock it lacks due to repetition. 

We took out a membership at the local gym about two months ago, I must admit I do like the treadmill. Well I noticed my body saying yeah yeah okay this again, and stop doing the job it needs to do. I snuck up on my body yesterday that gave it such a shock I was a half pound later than when I started the day. That is totally not normal for me, because I have been working out so long I focus on maintaining more than anything else.

So, what I am going to do is work out at the gym and also work out at home, so my body will not get used to just one thing. It is the same way with food, I eat pretty much the same thing on a regular basis and notice a difference when I give my body that shock of a food it is not use to, the results are good. I don't over indulge, just every now and than eat something I normally don't.

I heard recently on the radio about how to not over indulge during holiday feasting which I thought was excellent and utilize now. Eat the things you normally would not eat, to avoid over eating.

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