Monday, April 30, 2012

The Firm For Home Workout

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The first videos I ever bought for home use was by The Firm. I was able to purchase then called the fanny lifter along with three videos. What I love about The Firm is they combine a cardo workout with toning.

Using the fanny lifter you step up and down, using hand/free weights you work your upper body. This can be your biceps, triceps, shoulders or any other upper body part. The Firm came out with incline step, I purchased that one which like the fanny lifter came with three videos. I have since given my fanny lifter away along with the videos, it was a great way to start, but you have to move on.

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 I noticed on The Firm's web site they still carry the fanny lifter, renamed, but not the incline step. I find this strange because the incline step can easily be used with any of The Firm's step DVDs/videos however, the fanny lifter can not. While on the site I noticed that not all the DVDs tell you what you need, what level of fitness they are geared towards, and not all have a sample video.

The Firm does give modifications during the exercise routines, and I have added my own as well. As I advanced I started to add ankle weights for routines which used the incline step. Once I learned all the moves, I knew what was coming and would turn the parts modified for beginners into the advanced version. So, while they were showing the moves for the beginners I am doing the advanced moves. I love that the instructors give you instructors before a move is to be done, I must say some really move fast.

The Firm stills continues to be one of my favorite exercise programs. They are always coming out with new routines, but I will admit it has been a while since I have purchased one. All of The Firm products I have are older, but I love them.

My favorite is The Firm Ultimate Calorie Blaster which uses the incline step, very intense work out if you are looking for something new to challenge your self. I did this other day, and had to stop three times due to working out at the gym. It felt weird to feel like I was out of shape, I used to take one break for ab work, now I can 't get through it. It took some time, but I found for you on Hulu, this one moves fast so watch it first or be prepared to switch a lot.Note that the video on Hulu is not complete, the link above will bring you to Amazon if you want to purchase it.

This is an advanced work out and requires an incline step, and either 3 or 5 lb weights.

Have you used The Firm? Which one is your favorite?

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